Snippet: Margot n Nori #amwriting #erotic #romance

Hey y’all. I think my writing style is changing. More action is creeping in. I like it. In this unedited snippet from my latest WIP, you’ll meet the story villain, one of them, anyway. George is Margot’s ex husband, and he’s having a bit of trouble letting go. Luckily, our Margot is something of a gangster, and for my fellow action/movie lovers, you all know gangsters run in packs. Her friends Reiko and Steele will be getting their own stories eventually. Enjoy! 

“Bitch, you must think you Olivia Pope pontificatin’ like this. Don’t nobody care what yo’ skinny, black ass want. You got one use, and one use only, and talkin’ ain’t it. Or does that honkey you conned like the sound of that scratchy ass voice of yours?”

Margot stared at him, then she too began to grin. Her grin grew as his morphed into a scowl. She walked toward him. For a moment it appeared as though he would back up, but then, as she knew he would, he stood his ground. When she was right in front of him, she slapped him with all her might. He staggered, and would have returned the blow but the distinctive click of a hammer going back stopped him.

“Ah, ah, Georgie,” said a cold eyed Steele.

“Yes, love,” said an even colder eyed Reiko, her stance identical to her friend’s, arm extended, gun comfortable, cocked and waiting. “We’re just talking now. No need for all that.”

George raised his hands and cocked his head. His body suggested peace, but his eyes told a different story. Continue reading

Love @NateParker in @BeyondTheLights #amwriting #erotic #romance

Nate ParkerOf course I saw Beyond the Lights this weekend, and while it’s not gonna win any Oscars, I consider it a triumph. First, it was uber romantic, so y’all know I’m a fan. Second, Gugu Mbatha-Raw was beautifully broken and soo relatable. Who doesn’t know what it’s like to be bullied and feel like you have no voice, even when you’re at the forefront of things? And three, Nate Parker. I’ve followed his career for some time – if you haven’t seen The Great Debaters yet, do – and think he’s terribly talented, but his portrayal of Kaz was it. Strong, responsible, caring, all about the do right and family values and sexy with it? Good Lawd. I write interracial romance, but that does NOT mean I can’t appreciate a beautiful black man. Also, shout out to director Gina Prince-Bythewood for creating a story black people can be proud of and for depicting such a fabulous male character. He’s got romantic hero written all over him.

Snippet: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Another unedited snippet for y’all. In this scene, Nori recently met our lovely heroine Margot and was immediately smitten. He stalked her to a photo shoot, and she gave him a kiss. That was all she wrote! lol Enjoy. – SS

That night at home, highball glass in hand, he looked out over the city and considered his next move. It had to be soon. He was so horny he could barely function. He’d barely done three hours’ worth of work today, him, an unabashed workaholic.

His staff were all familiar with his belief that work was good for you, providing you played as hard as you worked. But play was all he thought about lately. Margot was in his head constantly. Worse, he had no idea what to do about it.

Ordinarily he’d send flowers, a huge bouquet with a cleverly worded card. “Thinking of you endlessly,” was a favorite that usually worked quickly.

If that didn’t work he’d invite a woman to the store, have her pick something out. He’d go with and be attentive, perhaps loiter outside the changing room if she was interested in clothing rather than the jewelry case. Women liked that even more than flowers. It never failed to get him what he wanted, and fast. But he had a feeling if he suggested that with Margot she’d laugh in his face and dismiss him completely. And he certainly couldn’t take that risk. Continue reading

Snippet: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Hey, y’all. Slowing emerging from the deep, dark, non creative hole I’d fallen into. Here’s an unedited snippet from my upcoming novel about jewelry designer Margot Temple and CEO retailer Nori James. You know how you second guess yourself and analyze what’s going on early in the relationship? You’re half way between I can’t believe my luck and what the fuck is wrong with this person. That’s kind of what’s going on here. Let me know if you like it! – SS

A novice in the love department she might be, but she wasn’t so fucked up she’d object to being cared for. He wasn’t pushy or bossy, which she’d have balked at immediately. He was considerate, thoughtful, clever, funny. And the sex remained amazing. Unbelievable really. Sometimes just being on the other end of one of his hot ass looks got her ready faster than hands on foreplay from past lovers.

He was fabulous in bed. Actually fabulous wasn’t fabulous enough of an adjective. They hadn’t invented a word for how good he was. His body was amazing, God bless his type A little heart. He got crabby if he didn’t work out for at least an hour every single week day, and he liked to do something physical on Saturdays too.

He was also beautiful. Tall, with thick black hair with just a hint of wave, those piercing blue eyes and lips as plush as cotton candy and damn near as pink. But as handsome as he was, and as well groomed, no one would ever call him pretty. With his deep voice, broad shoulders, narrow hips, big hands, cut everything, he couldn’t be more masculine. That was just the packaging. He was also, gasp, sensitive. Continue reading


Jax: The Perfect Excuse Not To Write #writing #erotic #romance #CharlieHunnam

Charlie 2

Sometimes it happens. I get completely off track. Sucked into something so compelling it both inspires my work and keeps me from it. Right now that something is Sons of Anarchy and Charlie Hunnam. I knew of him first for turning down the role of Christian Grey in Fifty Shades of Grey. I’d never seen his show. Now, having binge watched six seasons of Sons on Netflix, I understand everything.

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #writing #erotic #paranormal #romance

Of course I’ve gotten distracted from Margot n Nori by another story. It happens every time I get close to the end! It’s gotta be psychological. Any who, this is an unedited snippet from my next paranormal tale, the second in my colored demon series. The first was How to Love a Blue Demon. I haven’t decided on the next color yet, but the heroine’s name is Lou. She’s an Oscar-winning movie director turned novelist, who’s fled LA and the movie business for Chicago and a new career writing books. As an homage to all us indie writers, she’s a self-published phenom. Her last relationship was with a woman, and now she’s got a yen for her new handyman, former Marine and demon in disguise Lucky – real name Lucire.Sexy flower

My last demon came from a far away star called Cyanus. Lucky will come from a matriarchal planet dominated by water. I’m thinking lush, green, Amazonian in feel. It’s still coming together, but I already love them. Oh, and Lou is British, in case you trip off the dialogue in later snippets. This excerpt is a flashback of the last time Lucky saw his family. It’s sweet rather than sexy. But you know I got you on that in a few. Hope you like it! – SS

“He must go, my love.”


“We talked about this.”

Sucire stood proud, her long legs braced, narrow bare feet gripping the earth as though she’d been planted, sprung up as straight and strong as a centuries old tree.

“I’ve changed my mind.”

“You cannot, my love.”

“He’s too young. However can we consider sending him away from his home? It’s out of the question. I won’t have it. Maybe in a year or two I will consider it. For now he is much too small. He needs his mother, his family. We cannot trust his welfare to strangers, no matter how well they have been vetted. He is ours.” Continue reading

Snippet: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Hey y’all, I think I may have figured out the ending! It’s so dramatic, I frickin’ love it – tee hee – but meantime, here’s a lil’ unedited snippet for you. This one is Nori talking, or thinking and talking, to his best friend Lado, who will be getting his own story down the line. Enjoy the joy, and tell me what you think! – SS

Lado called again to complain that he never saw him anymore.

“You don’t call. You only go to the gym these days at some ungodly hour. I send over papers, they magically appear signed, but you? It’s like you’ve fallen into a big black hole.”

“Or a little brown one,” Nori teased.

Lado laughed. “Filthy bugger. Are you ready to admit you’re in love yet, old boy?”

Nori scoffed. “I don’t need labels with Margot. She’s the only woman I’ve ever met who talks less than I do.” Continue reading