Damn, this shit’s depressing, but it’s real life so I hope you take a look

Somehow I missed this new Usher song when it was released late last month. Please take a look. It’s horrible, but awareness is the first step toward acceptance and then action.

I’ve been going back and forth about what my next book should be. Tommy’s story is rattling around in my brain, as is Steele’s…I’ve even picked out my next color demon. *winks* But I’ve also got a story in my head where race plays a stronger role. Love will always win the day in my romantic fiction world, but I’ve been feeling edgy lately. Like I should do more, speak louder, write more in a targeted way. I think I just answered my own question. LOL.

I hope you all stick with me on this next journey. I’m feeling Scandal-ous – did y’all see the last episode? Good night! Shonda Rhimes is a genius at synthesizing current events and presenting them without beating you over the head. Did you recognize the Bill Cosby saga? – so God knows what’ll come out of my pen. It should be interesting… – SS

Creating My Own Box

So my wig’s a little twisted right now.

I often visit friends/fellow writer’s web sites periodically to see what they’re up to, and today I read something disturbing on my girl Theodora Taylor’s sitetrapped in a box

T posted an entry detailing how one woman explained why she gave her one star on Amazon. It was because she did not mention that her book was BWWM. This person felt the need to warn others – because she could not relate. I thought this was sad. Then I got pissed.

I added a line to all of my novel descriptions clearly saying this is a BWWM romance. But then I was like, F that. I’m taking that shit off. I will not voluntarily put myself in a box because someone thinks that a Black woman’s love story isn’t relatable. Like we don’t feel the same pain, joy and ecstasy that any other woman in love or lust does.

That’s the whole thing about diversity and racism and bias. Somehow, certain people think that minorities are like, literally different than everyone else. But we all experience the same emotions and problems. They just happen in different circumstances, perhaps in different locations or languages. We’re all human. We just come in different colors.

Anyone, I repeat, anyone can read and enjoy my stories.  I will not create my own box or facilitate my own limitations by suggesting for even a moment that only black women can enjoy my books. That would make me a liar.

Happy erotic and paranormal romance reading. Period. – SS

.@Adele, fabulous; The importance of a good old, ordinary brown. #romance #music #interracial

So, Adele released “Hello,” her first single in three years, and it’s stunning. She’s back. That voice we know and love is just as fabulous as it always was, and her tale of love and loss is as relatable as ever. I had no idea her love interest in the video was a black man when I first listened to the song. I planned to post it on my Facebook page with one word – fabulous – because of the song, how she looked, the tiny gold earrings in her ears.

Then I saw this smiling brown face.

Not movie star handsome, or tall and cut and pretty like a model. This man was more ordinary, still attractive, but not exceptional, other wordly or fine with an o not an i. I think that’s important. You may ask, but S, you write interracial romance; of course you think it’s important. And you’re right. It is important that we see certain things in the media, in pop culture, in the zeitgeist, so that we know they’re okay. That there’s no harm in them. Nothing really different or scary or unapproachable.

But I write about beautiful men. Tall, rich, well traveled masters of the universe because, let’s face it, who wants to read about someone ugly, broke and boring? I certainly don’t, so I won’t write that book.

This man, however. Yes, he’s an actor in real life – Tristan Wilds, a la 90210 and HBO’s The Wire – but in “Hello,” he’s cute. He’s happy. He’s an ordinary man transformed into something extraordinary – or so the invisible narrative plays – by love. That’s important.

It’s important to see the value in a good old, ordinary brown face.

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Man. It’s getting hard to find snippets because I don’t want to give any of the surprises away. In fact, I just realized that last post was a repeat – sorry! To make up for it, this unedited snippet is twice as long as usual. I’m gonna release How to Love a Green Demon in August. Meantime, enjoy. – SS

HTLAGDHe never missed a patch of skin, never missed a spot, finding without error that slightly rough patch inside her that drove her out of her mind. Thinking wasn’t even possible. Panting, yes, grunting yes, moaning, absolutely, scratching her short nails over his broad green back, certainly. Thought, no. To think would have been disrespectful.

Loving like theirs deserved one’s full attention, anything less would be like spitting in God’s face. Lucky’s touch was like being kissed by a sunbeam, stroked by velvet, eating the perfect scone and lemon curd and getting a fat ass direct deposit, all at the same bloody time.

He could sense exactly where on her body to touch to elicit just the response he wanted, and he only wanted one thing – to turn her into a heaving, slobbering mess. One who threw her hips at him like a mechanized piston, arched her back and thrust her tits out so he could watch them bounce on her chest as he pounded her into whatever surface she happened to be on. Ground, pallet, a thick carpet of flowers, he could care less. His goal was simple – to hear her scream out his name.Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

I think I’m finally done, y’all. All that’s left now is the editing. And I’m about to plow through that ish, cuz I wanna get on to the next story…meantime, please enjoy this unedited snippet from the beginning of the story. I hope you like this little taste of demon life. – SS

Time passed. Lucky had just celebrated his seventh month. It was a special milestone, and as was custom, his brothers and sisters threw a small party in their hut. He sat in the middle of his family wearing a crown made of leaves and twine, his fat cheeks creased from smiling and his chubby hands clapping as they sang the family birth song.HTLAGD

He laughed and laughed, joyfully accepting their pats and kisses and squeezing hugs with his usual aplomb. Lucky never cried, not even when he hurt himself. A few tears might fall from his big yellow eyes, but he never made the ugly sounds other cubs did when they couldn’t get their way.

Sucire suspected it was because he didn’t need to; her son always got his way. Neither family, villager nor animal could say no to his winsome smile.

When they finished singing there was a scratching at the door. When Sansone peered out he saw nothing. Assuming it was the wind he went back to the celebration, but the scratching came again. This time he threw open the door.

A gurine sat there, a rurfer between its long, sharp teeth. The creature laid the animal at Sansone’s feet and let out a roar.

Lucky heard it and toddled over. His family watched wide eyed as he wrapped himself around one of the creature’s powerful legs and hugged it, speaking in a language none of them knew but that the creature seemed to understand.Read More »