Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. I’ve been MIA for a few, I’m sorry! I’ve been thinking about you, though, swear to God. Work has been all up in my grill! But I’m getting close to the end of my green demon tale. I just had this boss idea about, well. I’ll let you read it when it comes out :). Meantime, please enjoy this unedited snippet. It’s a flashback to when Lucky was a baby on his home planet. His mama’s having a tough time dealing with his power over the animals, and she decides to go to their temple to pray for guidance. Lemme know what you think! – SSHTLAGD

The journey was easier than Sucire anticipated. The animals walked them nearly the whole way, various ones setting Lucky on their backs and carrying him when Sucire got tired, or when he grew tired of running alongside her on his tiny legs.

The animals brought them water and food and showed them a short cut that shaved nearly a half day from the trip. They moved easily along a path Sucire never would have found on her own, half hidden as it was by leaves and vines. But the forest floor beneath her feet was well worn, so worn she knew the path she trod was older than she was.

“I have been made privy to all manner of wonders because of you, my son,” she told Lucky, who grinned, not knowing quite what she meant, but discerning rightly that it was good. Continue reading

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

HTLAGDIn this unedited snippet toward the end of the book, Lucky has done his big reveal. Since he’s fine as hell green skin or naa, after some initial WTF-ery Lou was cool with it. Here he’s just informed her that there is one other secret he’s been holding back – sex between them could get a bit intense. You know, because they’re so perfectly suited.

He knows she’s his mate, that their lives and passions are undeniably linked, that they’re everything to each other. Lou, being a stubborn heroine, will take a bit of convincing. But I think we can all place the safe bet on our green demon for the win. Enjoy! – SS

He smiled, a beautiful smile full of happiness and secrets. A smile that said so much more than she’d ever written or thought she could write. That smile was a story. A complicated, rich, layered story full of his feelings, of his love for her, a love he’d never once tried to hide. That smile was like its own little adventure, complete with a happy ending the like of which she’d never seen or hoped for.

She leaned in to kiss him. She couldn’t help herself. He was so beautiful. His spirit so pure. There was no one like him. Not on this planet or any other.

“You are a marvel,” she whispered, staring into his sparkling gold eyes. “You say the way to have this great sex is to look deep into each others eyes. That we’ll make a connection so intense it will ratchet our pleasure up to a level that might be scary it’s so good.”

“Yes, my Lou.”

“Well, I’m game. But I’m telling you now. The pleasure I feel whenever I’m with you, whether we’re fucking or not, is so great, so bloody marvelous, I know for certain. Whatever, I feel during this little experiment of yours, it won’t come close to the love I’ve grown for you.”

“Grown?” He laughed softly. “Like a plant.”

She nodded. “Exactly like a plant.  Continue reading


Praise be, @ScandalABC brought back the romance! #StevieWonder

I just caught last night’s episode. Sigh. The romance is back, y’all. For awhile, the show seemed like it was on an unfortunate downward slide, but these past few weeks have shown why this tale of star crossed lovers and their motley coterie of friends and frenemies will not be denied. Fitz n’ Liv and Stevie! Lawd, have mercy. This song will make you cry if you’re not careful.

A writer takes his pen, to write the words again, that all in love is fair…I can’t wait for next week!

Gay Be Damned! He’s Still Sexy @TheRealLukevans #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Luke EvansIt bugs me when I comment on an attractive man, and someone says, you know he’s gay. Me: *blinks, stares blankly* I’m always like, what’s your point? Some of the sexiest men I’ve ever encountered wouldn’t have me sexually on a bet. LOL That doesn’t mean they’re not sexy. Case in point, Luke Evans. I rewatched Dracula Untold recently, and now I’m stalking all of his films, most of which I’ve already seen. But he’s fine, so, lemme alone! I’m having fun. I think this gif is from Immortals. Look at those eyes! Gay or not, this is a man in need of soothing. And I know all you nurturing earth mother types out there would be happy to pillow his head on your breast and stroke his hair until he felt better. Or nah?

Ta daa! My next cover. Did you guess the right color for this demon? #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Demon or no demon, if this one wanted you to go with him to his home – on another planet – you can’t tell me you wouldn’t go. If you do, I won’t believe you, ‘cuz he is fine! :)



This is my jam! Uptown funk you up, uptown funk you up… @BrunoMars @MarkRonson

I love this joint! Everything about it is fabulous. It’s old school, happy, not cheap or tawdry and mean like so much of what passes for music these days… Good grief. I sound like I have grey hair and pink foam curlers. Maybe a ratty green robe for good measure. *looks down. Sees color of robe* Anyhoo, I must clarify. For the record, in the right context, there is absolutely nothing wrong with cheap or tawdry. *bops head off beat, fingers tapping on the keyboard*

Snippet: Lou n Lucky get it on for the first time. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Every time I think, I need to blog, I get distracted. But I have been writing, so things are popping. In this unedited snippet, Lou and Lucky are getting it on for the first time… Lemme know what you think. – SS

He tasted sweet. Drugging and sweet.

Her neck and shoulders liquefied under his hands, and the loose, hot feeling spread to nestle in the damp flesh between her legs. She hadn’t felt it in a long time, maybe never like this. Need. Hard, grinding, a hairs breadth from desperation kind of need. It wobbled in the backs of her thighs and knees. Made the tips of her breasts hurt and an incessant beat throb where thigh met body.

She felt shaky, strangely disconnected, as though the feelings in body and the turmoil in mind were being stretched farther and farther apart on a rope that grew frayed and threatened to snap at any moment. Good Christ, she thought, holding onto her mind doggedly. The sensations he inspired even sensitized the bottoms of her feet. Continue reading