Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

You may have noticed I’ve been gone – bitch we’re waiting on the book. Of course we noticed you were gone. – I’m sorry, guys. Bad writer! I know, I’m not proud of myself, but I do have a half way decent excuse. I had surgery three weeks ago, and I’ve been recuperating. I’ve also been working on the book. I’ve started editing, so it won’t be long now. Meantime, here’s a snippet from right after Lou and Lucky become a couple. The relationship is new and full of angst, at least on Lou’s end. But it’s lovely and fresh and sexually exciting. I hope you like it. – SS

She wanted to reciprocate, to stroke his long, beautiful body, to shape his muscles, squeeze hand fulls of his little ass – she’d managed only once before and longed to hold that work of art again –  though he had a penchant for holding her wrists in his, keeping her where he wanted her, he said. She wanted to lick and bite and suck until her jaw ached and she was short of breath from being crammed so full. But she could barely move. Her limbs felt too heavy. All she could do was lay there like a live wire, writhing and twitching while he did as he liked, shaping and molding her flesh, stroking and heating her like rising dough.

HTLAGDIt was intoxicating, fucking extraordinary, really. She’d never felt loving like that. And because she was helpless under his hands, she had to be content with his sighs and moans, with his twitching and writhing when she managed to break free and clasp the back of his neck and bring his mouth to hers, or gave him the bite of her nails in his back, the lift of her hips beneath the heavy strokes of his clever cock.

She adored the fevered beat of his heart through her skin when he smushed her into the bed. She reveled in the pounding when he veered over the edge, unable to control himself, his grunts, that fierce glitter in his eyes right before they closed and his mouth fell open, and he shook and trembled in her arms.

She could feel his satisfaction. It was like the slide of fur along the skin, though in reality all he’d done was gasp out a weak laugh. But that laugh was enough. She felt proud, accomplished. It felt better than winning her Academy Awards.Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

In this snippet toward the beginning of the book you get a taste of baby Lucky before he left Natoroi to live as a human on Earth. To say he’s popular with the animals would be a rather big understatement, as his poor mother finds out. See if you can figure out the Earth animal equivalents. Enjoy – SS

Lucky had just celebrated his seventh month. It was a special time, a milestone, and as was custom, his brothers and sisters threw a small party in their hut. He sat in the middle of his family wearing a crown made of leaves and twine, his fat cheeks creased from smiling and his chubby hands clapping as they sang the family birth song.

He laughed and laughed, joyfully accepting their pats and kisses and squeezing hugs with his usual aplomb. Lucky never cried, not even when he hurt himself. A few tears might fall from his big yellow eyes, but he never made the ugly sounds other cubs did when they couldn’t get their way.HTLAGD

Sucire suspected it was because he didn’t need to; her son always got his way. Neither family, nor villager nor animal could say no to his winsome smile.

When they finished singing there was a scratching at the door. When Sansone peered out he saw nothing. Assuming it was the wind he went back to the celebration, but the scratching came again. This time he threw open the door.

A gurine sat there, a rurfer between its long, sharp teeth. The creature laid the animal at Sansone’s feet and let out a roar.

Lucky heard it and toddled over. His family watched wide eyed as he wrapped himself around one of the creature’s powerful legs and hugged it, speaking in a language none of them knew but that the creature seemed to understand.

Sucire gasped when the animal bared razor sharp teeth and gently picked Lucky up by the leg, carrying him out laughing, dangling upside down into their courtyard where a coterie of forest animals had gathered, all bearing gifts, nuts, berries, sour fruit from the yhust tree.Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

I love world building. It’s one of my favorite things about writing paranormal romance. You can let your mind pull you in all sorts of crazy directions – as long as it works for the story. Creating the world of Natoroi, Lucky’s ancestral home, was like being immersed in the warm waters of unspoiled Mexico. Slightly salty, but oh so lovely for the body and the spirit. Please enjoy this unedited snippet. Lou feels immediately at home on this alien planet. I hope you will too… – SS

HTLAGDThe visitor’s pool was the size of a small lake, and there was a beautiful old wood dock. A stand of small trees acted like a screen, and they were encouraged to go behind it, don the robes hanging there, and make their way into the pool.

Sucire and Sansone set down their spears and unclipped the rather wicked looking stone knives from their belts and dove into the placid brown water as is. Emerging a few breaths later in the middle of the pool, floating on their backs.

After donning the sleeveless, short, pale green robe with its clever twine hooks – Potts’ garment was longer he was glad to see – made of some soft, plant-based material, Lou emerged from behind the screen, and found Lucky waiting, hand outstretched. His beautiful green body now adorned with the same leather like vest and soft shorts his father had worn, sans the tall, protective leather that had covered their feet and calves.



He grinned at her. “As I’ll ever be. Lead the way.”

“Join hands,” Lucky instructed. “We approach the waters’ edge together, and we walk in together to symbolize our desire to be one with this environment, to be peaceful and to act in concert with all those with whom we will interact during our stay.”

“Lovely,” Potts breathed.Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Sigh. It happens to me every time! I get near the end of a book, and the struggle begins. I doubt everything, and I become unreasonably indecisive about which direction the story should take. And you know me – I need action! In this unedited snippet toward the end of the book, Lou’s been kidnapped, and Lucky is hot on her trail…HTLAGD

Lucky and the warriors tracked the enemy scent deep into the forest, past the borders of Natoroi land into an area called the Post. It was located right on the fringes of their planet where dimensional borders blurred, and trade took place.

A port of sorts, the Post was home to a series of rough characters, loners who either had no family or wanted none, mostly mercenary types who cared for nothing but profit, buying and selling. Import export was common, as was prostitution, fighting and any kind of criminal activity that involved pain, burglary or intimidation.

All knew the Natoroi were peace loving demons, but all also knew they were not to be messed with. Tree huggers the warriors might be, but they were strong, resilient, and fierce when threatened.

Now Lucky was beyond threatening. Hate and anger radiated from him like heat, every line of his body bespoke menace. Every demon and non demon they passed took one look and quickly got out of his way. Lucky addressed the one old soul who had the misfortune to have his back to the fierce little entourage.

“Where are the white demons?”Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

City at nightI love the conflict a tough heroine brings to the hero as they get to know one another. It’s as if she’s compelled to test his strength to see if he’s worthy of her, that or scare him away, and the two are likely interconnected. In this unedited snippet toward the beginning of the book, Lou is picking at Lucky. But he acquits himself well. Enjoy – SS

“What’s wrong?”

Lou shrugged.

“You are unsettled.”

Lou said nothing. He was right, but what was there to say? I think I’m going crazy? Would it freak you out if I burst out crying right now, dried up and then started laughing like a loon? She’d done just that this morning. She needed to check her calendar. Her period was probably coming. That was a guaranteed ticket to the crazy farm for at least a week. Comforting in a way. At least then she had a reason for the bedlam that went on above her neck.

He reached out to stroke her back, and surprisingly, she calmed. That damned heat of his. She edged closer, snorting because she knew better and still couldn’t help herself.

“I’m not a restful person.”


“No. But strangely around you I feel that way.”

“Is that bad?” He stroked her back again, one long swipe that loosened her spine and sent another rush of heat through her torso and her breasts and belly tingling. How did he do that?Read More »

Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

In this unedited snippet, Lucky is gearing up to fulfill his prophecy. He has to prepare his tribe to face an as yet unnamed enemy. I hope you like this glimpse into the special skills of some of the most valiant members of the Natoroi tribe, valiant demons who will play a major role in the upcoming conflict. All of that is very serious. But Lou realizes that even an intense sense of pride in her demon isn’t enough to dim her desire for him… Enjoy – SSHTLAGD

He gestured silently for two of his warriors, both females trained by his mother, to move far and wide, left and right. They nodded, instantly leaping onto the thick trunks of nearby trees to make their way to the top of the forest where visibility was best.

He gestured for four others to spread out in every direction on the ground. In plant speak he told them to scout 50 miles and to leave no leaf unturned.

“You should have sent them farther,” said his mother.

“To make that run and return will take them the rest of the day. They’ll be thirsty, and water is not always fresh outside the village this time of year. It’s molting season. We will be doing this every day until we are certain the threat has passed. 50 miles gives us enough time to marshall an adequate defense. There is no need to discomfit our soldiers.”

She smiled slightly. “You are a good leader.”

He slanted his mother a look, then turned his attention to the rest of his warriors. The three who remained were special.Read More »