Warning: Demons Without Mates Are Easily Agitated…

PINK_Demon_FinalHere’s another unedited snippet from my next paranormal romance “How to Love a Pink Demon.” It picks up from last week. Let me know what you think!



“Have you developed a drug problem, then?”

Miles looked at him like, really? He’d never even been drunk.

“Well, what it is then?”

I think I’m waiting for someone. Someone I need. Someone very meaningful.“Wish I knew, old boy,” he winked at his agent.

Rich, who was quite intuitive despite his brash, take no prisoners demeanor, knew enough to let things lie – about that. “So, this underwear deal involves a bit of travel.”

Miles just rolled his eyes.Read More »


When a demon wants his mate…

Here’s an unedited snippet from the next installment in my Demon series. I hope you like it…



At first Miles didn’t know what was going on. Normally the most even tempered of men, he was short with someone in a store. It wasn’t awful – and the silly girl had it coming with her incompetent, starstruck nonsense – but it was enough to make his assistant stare at him in surprise.

“I’m sorry, mate. I barely sleep a wink last night.”

It was true. Dreams had him tossing and turning until the sun was rising. He apologized to the girl before they left. She was happy to accept, even cooing sympathetically when he wordlessly touched his forehead. She was perfectly willing to believe in his make believe headache. She even offered him some water, which he accepted and drained before handing back the empty bottle with smiling thanks.

His assistant rolled his eyes. “You’re a smoothie.”

Miles just winked. He wasn’t an award-winning actor for nothing.Read More »

I’ve been gone since November…

Actually, December – of last year! Geez. When I look at my site, which I haven’t in awhile because, I seriously feel like a bum! You’d think I fell off the face of the earth, got hit by a bus, died mysteriously, or worse – stopped writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I have like three, maybe four, almost finished books. Worthless to say, right? But I can prove it. I’m determined to release one before the end of the year. Here’s an unedited snippet from the next installment in my Demon Series… 

Steele loved nights like this. Very little breeze, moderate temperature, pure darkness with just a sliver of moon. Just enough light to keep you from walking off the edge of a roof. But not nearly enough for someone to see you and your long range sniper rifle posted up on one.Read More »

Take me there. I want to go with you. I promise to keep my eyes wide open the whole time. I don’t want to miss a thing.

Sex can be weird. It shouldn’t be though.

It should be sweet, or hot, or fast or slow. But it should not be weird. Unless, of course, weird is your thing. But I’m talking about that awkward weird. The shitty kind. Not first time awkward either, I’m talking that “I shouldn’t be doing this with this person ‘cuz they ain’t shit/don’t mean me no good/only want the pussy temporarily/or some other bullshit derivation therein” type awkward weird.

But when you have sex that feels right? That feels comfortable, deep in your bones? So much so that you revel in all facets of intimacy? That’s that good stuff. In this unedited snippet from the next novel in my demon series, my heroine Steele is enjoying that kind of sex – that kind of lovemaking – with her demon Miles.Read More »

Not every man who misbehaved in the past deserves to be forgiven. But in rare cases, there’s one or two who deserve a second chance at love.

The Hick and the HippieEverywhere you turn these days, some powerful man is on fire for misconduct, losing his job, reputation going down in flames, legacy tarnished worse than metal left out in a warm Southern rain. I say better than never for that light to shine on their misdeeds, but I feel for all of the women who are reliving past shame and sadness, memories they’d probably have preferred never to resurrect again.

But it got me thinking about men who come back from the past. Only this one isn’t a perv. This one is that love that got away. The one who made your panties melt but vanished without a word. Read More »

When it comes down to the wire, when danger is literally so close you can taste it, if you’re smart, you don’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

I love writing strong heroines. I love it! It’s like I can imbue them with every trait I wish I had, or that I wish I could exercise more. I get carried away sometimes, but I legit don’t care. LOL It’s so fun to make these kick ass females do all these dangerous things – with a man at their back, rather than blocking the way. 

In this unedited snippet from my latest paranormal erotic romance, my heroine Steele finds herself on another planet with her new demon mate. As if that wasn’t adventure enough, she’s found herself a key role in a royal political coup. My hero Miles is not pleased…Read More »