Not every man who misbehaved in the past deserves to be forgiven. But in rare cases, there’s one or two who deserve a second chance at love.

The Hick and the HippieEverywhere you turn these days, some powerful man is on fire for misconduct, losing his job, reputation going down in flames, legacy tarnished worse than metal left out in a warm Southern rain. I say better than never for that light to shine on their misdeeds, but I feel for all of the women who are reliving past shame and sadness, memories they’d probably have preferred never to resurrect again.

But it got me thinking about men who come back from the past. Only this one isn’t a perv. This one is that love that got away. The one who made your panties melt but vanished without a word. Read More »


When it comes down to the wire, when danger is literally so close you can taste it, if you’re smart, you don’t send a man to do a woman’s job.

I love writing strong heroines. I love it! It’s like I can imbue them with every trait I wish I had, or that I wish I could exercise more. I get carried away sometimes, but I legit don’t care. LOL It’s so fun to make these kick ass females do all these dangerous things – with a man at their back, rather than blocking the way. 

In this unedited snippet from my latest paranormal erotic romance, my heroine Steele finds herself on another planet with her new demon mate. As if that wasn’t adventure enough, she’s found herself a key role in a royal political coup. My hero Miles is not pleased…Read More »

When you meet a certain kind of woman, no matter what anyone tells you about her, that’s it.

IneffableI love writing about troublemakers. Who wouldn’t? They make things so interesting, especially female troublemakers. Giving the hero as much hell as possible, and he still comes back for more.

Jewelry designer extraordinaire Margot Temple was one of the more solemn troublemaker characters I’ve created. Her nickname may have been Margot Temper, but she had a heart as big and bright as one of her gold, bejeweled creations, and Nori loved every curvy inch of her.

In this snippet Nori’s just getting a taste of the mysterious, reputation-challenged Margot, and before they even part he’s ready and waiting to go back for more. Read More »

Beware sunset. Handsome demons come out to roam the forest after dark.

I’m digging into my next demon story hard now. The action is percolating, the world building is popping, I’m having fun. I hope to have it done in the next month. In this unedited snippet I offer a closer look at my hero Miles in his demon state. His brother Mitchell starts asking questions. 



“You’ve been off for a bit now. Antsy for work are you?”

He’d been known to get out of sorts between jobs. He couldn’t help it. He had so much energy he needed to keep busy. And even here, snug within the bosom of his loving family, he felt, itchy.

By rights he should be on top form. His red skin was cool with the night wind, and had been for the past few nights. At home he could sleep bare. Not nude, but without his human disguise. Well, nude too. Still, it wasn’t enough.

“I dunno. I’ll figure it out.”Read More »

This poor little girl packed a helluva punch – in bed and out.

Paying For ItI don’t want to, but I love that classic romance novel trope of the poor virgin and the rich man. I even wrote one with Paying For It. But I spun it a little bit in that my heroine Tunie isn’t a complete pushover. That’s part of the reason she’s able to turn my hero Charles inside out. In the end, she saves him. 

In this snippet I offer you a glimpse into her past, a horrible glimpse of what helped craft her into the tough cookie my Charlie can’t live without.

Paying For It is out now. 


SSRead More »

Steele could be as hard as her name, but for loved ones she was also a soft touch.

One thing I love about writing “urban fiction” – I’ve always assumed that means fiction featuring street life a la Donald Goines – is it offers a stellar opportunity to both create strong female characters and disprove a lot of ideas about the people in the life.

In this unedited snippet from my latest paranormal romance our heroine Steele is revealed as a drug dealer yes, but also a sister, a mentor, and I think, a closet sweetheart. But I still wouldn’t fuck with her. *winks*



Benjie met her at the car to carry in the grocery bags. He handed her two one hundred dollar bills, watched her tuck them away in her bra.

“Who in there?”

“Just Lolly. But she say Eddie and them been calling.”

Steele grunted softly. “Business must be good today.”

Benjie laughed. “It’s hot out. You know smoking in air conditioned rooms while playing video games is like a city pastime when the temp get this high. Ain’t nobody tryna be out and sweat to death in the streets.”


She walked in pointed at Lolly and went straight to the back.Read More »

Why did no one teach witchcraft before your bloody powers went haywire in class for everyone to see?

The Best BiteSo, I’m trying to finish the OTHER book I’m working on now, but this sequel is determined to distract me. Don’t you hate that? When characters start acting up? Practically demanding that you sit down and write their story? It’s like hey! You’re not the only one who’s important, okay?!?! I’m gettin’ to it. Geez.

Here’s a snippet. The Best Bite is out now. 




Then there was the lunch period he recalled the pierogi their Polish housekeeper had made for him in Prague two summers past. Stuffed with potato and bacon, the little dumplings had been served with just a touch of butter and sprinkled with cheese, delicious. Five had appeared in the same earthenware bowl Ramine had used to serve them to him. That one he’d had to play off, too many people saw him, sitting in the cafeteria as though it wasn’t strange to be eating food not served that day with silver flatware edged in gold.

His reputation as an eccentric had been firmly set after that, and he quickly learned to control his thoughts by focusing intently on whatever he was doing. At least then if something popped in unexpectedly it wouldn’t be out of context.Read More »