I’m for Sale!!!

My book Fiona Love is now for sale in the Amazon Kindle store. It’s $2.99. Here’s a sample: Let the skeptics tell it, Fiona Love was the hot new thing. One of those multi-hyphenates who’d suddenly popped onto the scene and was enjoying a rash of success. It wasn’t true. The media made it seem … Continue reading I’m for Sale!!!

Stalking Matthew Goode

Watched Imagine Me and You last night starring Matthew Goode. He’s my latest cinematic stalking victim – meaning I’m watching everything netflix offers – may they burn in hell for raising their prices, corporate ghouls – so far I’ve seen Watchmen, Lookout, Brideshead Revisted, South of Grenada, A Single Man etc., and he is stunning. … Continue reading Stalking Matthew Goode

Romance Genre Haters Suck

I’ve been scrapping via email with someone who honestly believes the romance genre has no value, that it debases women and get this, contributes to the degradation of literary genres in general. A, could someone be more pretentious? And B, how could a billion dollar industry be without value?!?!?!? Romance novels are loved by women literally … Continue reading Romance Genre Haters Suck