In Defense of Alpha Males

Had an interesting conversation with a recent romance convert. She favors good old fashioned Harlequins, which I started reading at like, age 13 (shhh!!) and still love dearly (Robyn Donald emailed me not too long ago!), but she recently discovered erotica: the Jaid Blacks, Lori Fosters and Susan Johnsons of the genre. She likes the freedom and enjoys the sex, but … Continue reading In Defense of Alpha Males

Psychological Trauma

I figured something out the other day: I get sick when I don’t write. My symptoms are not unlike a grueling bout of PMS: irritability, difficulty concentrating, the usual hormonal issues that crop up when your insides are doing the dance and preparing for cycle’s end. PMS, however, can be managed. Diet, exercise, sleep, water, … Continue reading Psychological Trauma

Making Myself Sick

All self-help fans raise your hands. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take the quizzes in magazines like O and Self, and pay attention to those rather simplistic tally-the-points summations that appear at the end of the article. I took one recently and found that a fear of perfection could be stalling my writing…I suspected it … Continue reading Making Myself Sick