The Looking Glass

I started reading a new book today. JR.Ward writing as Jessica Bird’s An Unfortgettable Lady, which came out in 2004. In my copy the author also offers the reader a bit of history – several pages she wrote in 2009 – a kind of look back at her evolution before she launched the extremely popular Brotherhood … Continue reading The Looking Glass

Stephen King is a G

OK, before she vanished my critique partner recommended that I read On Writing by Stephen King. That was the best thing anyone’s told me in like, years. The book is phenomenal. It’s helped my writing soo much, I would recommend that anyone hoping to make a career of the written word read it.  Before I started reading … Continue reading Stephen King is a G

Getting Serious

I think I’m having a writing life crisis. I’ve got to do something. I haven’t written a word in like weeks. It’s pathetic. Seriously, pathetic. I think about my work every day and how it’s going nowhere and knowing it’s all up to me is kinda making me nuts. So, in an effort to kick my … Continue reading Getting Serious


Saw old friend Bradley Cooper in Limitless this weekend. It’s a story about a down on his luck man named Eddie, a writer with a book contract and a mean case of writer’s block. He runs into his ex brother in law on the street, a drug dealer who’s come up in the world and … Continue reading Limitless