Sinna: I like me. Don’t you like you?

Saints and Sinnas Cover

When I write I try to say something. I try to create characters who aren’t just lovable, but admirable. Of course, right? Almost all writers try to do that. But my heroines and characters are literally better than me. These are women I aspire to be. But they’re never going to be perfect. Continue reading “Sinna: I like me. Don’t you like you?”

Snippet: You lied to me? That’s not love.

In my last snippet, Sophie managed to sidetrack her friends from going crazy over her bruises, but in this one, which picks up from the last, Lado catches her in a lie. She didn’t trip; there was no fall. Unwilling to continue to lie to him, she has to come clean about what really happened…

Of course Lani wanted to call in the cavalry too, but Sophie talked her down, with no help from a stony eyed Tommy. Thankfully, with these two, style always came first, and it was easy enough to distract them with the clothes and accessories.

Sophie hadn’t had anything new in two years. At first she hadn’t cared. With grief to deal with not to mention writer’s block and the realizations about Robert’s true character and her money problems, clothes had been the least of her worries.

Now, wearing these beautiful things: a decadently heavy cream silk blouse with an embossed floral pattern, tailored camel colored, wide leg trousers, long dainty chains, shiny leather belts, Sophie cried. It felt like her life was getting back on track. And not even the sight of her bruised face in the mirror could take away the joy she felt in these improvements. Continue reading “Snippet: You lied to me? That’s not love.”

Snippet: Why is it always the ex who causes the problems?

Sophie had to give in. You know it, and I know it. Or there’d be no story, right? But you also know there has to be a problem. In this case the problem is the ex, a specter from her past, and a suddenly violent one at that.

Her past mistake knocks on the door randomly – right when things are starting to go good, of course – and when she lets him in, and refuses to continue being a fool, he hits her. In this unedited snippet, our heroine has managed to hide the truth from Lado, the new boo, but her girls are not so easily fooled.


“Where are you?”


“On my way home.”

“Good. We’re letting ourselves in. We’ve got some clothes for you to try.”

Shit, she thought, listening to the dial tone while she thought about how to explain away her bruised appearance. It would have to be the fall. It was what she’d told Lado, and it wouldn’t be kosher to have him hear a different story than the one she’d already told him. The only problem was, she knew perfectly well there was no way Tommy would believe it. Continue reading “Snippet: Why is it always the ex who causes the problems?”

Snippet: Sometimes I don’t know where I am with you.

Hey y’all. My internet is bugging. T-mobile is seriously pissing me off. I upgraded, and my shit got worse! And those damn calls to customer service are so long and arduous and annoying, I’ve just been dealing with it. Rant over. In this unedited snippet, Lado’s feeling some type of way after Sophie breaks him off a little something something in an unlikely place…

For a moment when he pulled into the garage he wondered what the hell he was doing. He never took women home. He usually made himself comfortable in theirs. But now Lado led his sleepy Sophie inside, put her in his bed, took off her clothes, wiped her face, neck and hands, and gave her another hot wet cloth to “Wash up your bits. I’m going to need them later. I want you comfortable.”

She did as he said, eyes mostly closed. She whispered thank you when he took the used towel back, already half asleep. It was dark in the room, and he deliberately didn’t turn on the light. He didn’t want any staring into each others’ eyes, wondering this that or the other. She sighed with every kiss, moving where he led without demur as he pulled up the covers around her, and obligingly snuggled down. He liked that she migrated immediately to his pillow, wrapped her arms around it. And that was it. She was out.

“She’s gotta work tomorrow at 10 am,” Tommy had told him as they were leaving, and he’d frowned at her.

He had a half a mind to call Tommy and say she wouldn’t make it in tomorrow, but Sophie was so prickly and independent. He might accidentally start World War III. He stood there looking down at her curled around his pillow. His more than half hard cock insisted that he make appropriate use of her. She is in your bed, his mind insisted, as though it was a foregone conclusion that he should be inside her and why was he delaying what was obvious? Continue reading “Snippet: Sometimes I don’t know where I am with you.”

Snippet: I could happily drown in you. #amwriting #erotic #romance

Some men are like the tide. They roll in, you know you’re gonna drown, but you let ‘em take you under anyway. That’s what Lado is to Sophie. But things are just heating up. In this unedited snippet, Lado gives little Sophie a taste of how he likes to play…

“I can’t resist you,” she whispered, shaking her head.

He smiled. “Nor I you. But that’s okay,” he whispered, fingers making fast work of his own buttons. “Lie down for me. On your back. Stretch out your arms and legs.

Slowly, she obeyed, feeling absurdly shy and grateful he’d left her underwear in place.

He crawled between her legs, running his hands up from her ankles to the lace piped edge of her panties. He ran his fingers over her mound, slowly back and forth until she began to squirm. He placed his hand flat on her lower belly, fingers grabbing the rather frayed blue flowered cotton.

She gasped as he yanked. Continue reading “Snippet: I could happily drown in you. #amwriting #erotic #romance”

Snippet: I want you to be mine. #amwriting #erotic #romance

If a man suddenly said, I want you to be mine, you’d probably laugh. That or roll your eyes. Sophie did all of those things. But my poor heroine is tired, broke, and in the throes of a physical and mental attraction deeper and stronger than anything she’s ever felt before. Let’s just say, her current state has led her to be easily persuaded, and Lado? Well, with his wine red hair and ready laugh, he’s found a formula our dear Sophie is finding it quite hard to resist…

I can’t get involved in any more crazy shit, she thought, trying harder to get away. But he held tight to her hips, and when he gently shook her and bit the side of her neck she stopped pushing, letting her hands rest against his broad chest. Her hands looked small against him.

“Once you’re calm, with all business taken care of and your creative juices flowing again, your grumpiness will fade. I’ll see that all of your other urges come back in force,” he whispered, that seductive voice back to induce more shivers at her ear. “And all the affection I’ll have lavished on you will make you fall into my arms like a ripe plum. You’ll like being mine, Sophie. It will be easy, trust me.” Continue reading “Snippet: I want you to be mine. #amwriting #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Damn. He ate my breakfast. What’s next, my heart?

So, I’ve been writing, even though I haven’t been posting. Bad writer, I know, but I’m back, and my next tale of Lado and Sophie is the kind I love to read. A real Cinderella meets her prince type tale – if Cinderella was a writer’s blocked, formerly well to do children’s author’s who’s fallen on hard times, and every other horrible thing. And Prince Charming had red hair, a ready laugh, and a decidedly dominant bent. In this unedited snippet, you get a hint of Sophie’s down on her luck pluck, Lado’s perennial sunny face, and the sparks they strike off each other at every opportunity. Enjoy – SS

Well, that was that. Another story filed, another check en route, another check already spent before it even arrived.

Sophie sighed and rose to stretch her neck and back. She’d been bent over her laptop for over an hour without moving. She felt like one big kink, and not in a good way. Times gone by her mother would have intervened at least twice, offering tea or some random ass comment. Sophie would pretend to be angry at the interruption, but she’d drink or eat whatever was offered, and stop working long enough to shoot the shit before her muse distracted her back to work.

But her dear mother was gone. Dead nearly 10 months now. She supposed in a few more she might stop looking up to talk to her. She’d stop forgetting that she would never talk to her again.

She should look at her budget. But why? You can only move a little bit here and there for so long before you have to admit you’re wasting your time. She should open the mail. But again, what was the point? She knew those bitchy white envelopes with their slim plastic windows held bills. Bills she could not afford to pay. Continue reading “Snippet: Damn. He ate my breakfast. What’s next, my heart?”

Damn, this shit’s depressing, but it’s real life so I hope you take a look

Somehow I missed this new Usher song when it was released late last month. Please take a look. It’s horrible, but awareness is the first step toward acceptance and then action. I’ve been going back and forth about what my next book should be. Tommy’s story is rattling around in my brain, as is Steele’s…I’ve … Continue reading Damn, this shit’s depressing, but it’s real life so I hope you take a look

.@Adele, fabulous; The importance of a good old, ordinary brown. #romance #music #interracial

So, Adele released “Hello,” her first single in three years, and it’s stunning. She’s back. That voice we know and love is just as fabulous as it always was, and her tale of love and loss is as relatable as ever. I had no idea her love interest in the video was a black man … Continue reading .@Adele, fabulous; The importance of a good old, ordinary brown. #romance #music #interracial