My love for K-pop: It all started with One Direction…

Clips from the first installment in my Asian series start today! This series evolved from my newish enjoyment of K-drama and K-pop. But it all started with One Direction, which I discovered in 2018. You have to understand, the last boy band I was actually into was New Kids on the Block and New Edition. Did I just totally date myself? Anyway… Continue reading “My love for K-pop: It all started with One Direction…”

Kae and The Rage is live!

She’s out! She’s live. Here’s to focus and changed behaviors in 2019. I am so proud of myself. Two books in the span of a few months. Yes, I am patting myself on the back. I wanted to bring you more content, and I am! Go me! LOL

Seriously, I really hope you enjoy this book. I’m good for writing about families of characters – duh series – but I’ve stumbled upon a good crew here. You’ll even see some familiar names from some of my other books.

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What to do when your best friend the rock star wants to act like Florence Nightingale

Kae and The RageHey, guys. I’m on my way to see Endgame. Finally. I’ve been waiting for this and dodging spoilers like you wouldn’t believe. But I didn’t forget to blog this week *pats self on the back*  My next young adult title Kae and The Rage will be out this month. Here’s an unedited snippet that continues from my last blog. Let me know what you think. Oh, and if you guys read my last release How to Love a Pink Demon and liked it, please leave me a great review on Amazon. I hate to beg, but it looks so unloved. Thank you!

“You sound bitter, B.”

“I bloody well am. I feel like he’s got my balls in a vise, and I want out.” Continue reading “What to do when your best friend the rock star wants to act like Florence Nightingale”

Is it weird that I always want more action?

Hey y’all. Is it weird that I crave action in books? I want ash to be happening constantly. If it’s not I legit move on. I think it’s related to my love of action movies. But it makes for interesting writing. Somebody’s always getting hurt, physically or mentally, ‘cuz I gotta keep ish poppin’! Lemme go sit my geeked behind down somewhere. Can you tell I’m trying not to swear? Here’s an unedited snippet where last week’s blog left off. Lemme know what you think!

“Good! I’ll call you later to see where you are. They wanna start soon. Love you!”

Kae stared at the buzzing phone and shook her head. She already knew what was gonna happen. She’d be firm and resolute, he’d rebut. Then she’d whine and complain, and her brother would present every possible benefit. He’d wear her down with pluses while downplaying every minus, and eventually she’d cave. G didn’t come to her with projects very often, but when he did he went in. It was annoying how infrequently she won arguments with him. Continue reading “Is it weird that I always want more action?”

One book releases, the next one goes into production – in a completely different genre. #writinglife

How to Love a Pink Demon erotic paranormal interracial romance novelSo How to Love a Pink Demon is out! I’ve already started editing my next release. It will be completely different, a new adult romance, still interracial, but there will be no paranormal activity. Just a good old-fashioned romance, this one set in the music world. I’ve always loved the virgin romance tropes – I mean who wants whorish lead characters? Although sometimes that can be fun… – but hopefully I’ve managed to add a little humor to this oldie but goodie.

My heroine Kae has known our hero Billy for years. They are members of the hottest, biggest girl and boy groups in the world. Their love story will detail a specific point in her life – she’s injured while embarking on her first solo project – and it will be part of a series.

Here’s an unedited snippet for you. Let me know what you think! Continue reading “One book releases, the next one goes into production – in a completely different genre. #writinglife”