Cover Reveal!

Hey y’all! Here she is, the cover for my next book Saints and Sinnas. Whatchu’ think? Ain’t she puuurrtty? You like? This book will be the first installment in my Kpop/Kdrama inspired series. I figured, WTH? I spend so much time watching K-dramas and Kpop whatnot on YouTube, why not do something with it? These characters are super fun, and anyone who knows and loves K-drama knows they are seriously romantic with a capital ¬†sigh. Next snippet coming on Saturday! Continue reading “Cover Reveal!”

There’s something terribly sexy about having a man feed you.

Hey, y’all! My designer just sent over the first draft of my next book cover! It’s so stark and lush. I can’t wait for you to see it. Anyway, here’s an unedited snippet from my next WIP. This one leave’s off right after last week’s installment. Our heroine Sinna gets an unexpected visit from her new clients, and our hero takes this opportunity to have her eat from of his hand… Continue reading “There’s something terribly sexy about having a man feed you.”