Snippet Tuesday: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance #Ineffable

IneffableI’m working hard to get Ineffable out by Christmas. It’s gonna be tight, but I just might make it. Meanwhile, check out this lil snippet. This is why Nori loves Margot, ‘cuz she doesn’t kiss his ass. – SS

…“You should do something like this on your web site.” He turned his laptop around to show her what he was looking at. He’d seen her looking at the new demo site in preparation for her relaunch. She was working hard on it, complaining that her current site was so antiquated it was embarrassing. He agreed, but didn’t say so. “Has the old site hurt your sales?”

“No, but then, I have no analytics. So, how would I know? You think this feature would help me?”

He explained the brand value of what he was suggesting, and she nodded, immediately shooting her web development guy an email asking that the change be made.

He tried not to preen. He knew there would be many situations where she would not acquiesce so easily. Margot had no problem telling him what she thought he was full of shit. She said it just like that, “You fulla shit.” She did not treat him the way he was used to. Continue reading “Snippet Tuesday: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance #Ineffable”