When you’re that good, everyone wants a piece

Saints and Sinnas CoverIt’s true. When you’re really good at your job, people want more and more and more. That can be a curse and a blessing. It’s a blessing because you have more opportunities. It’s a curse because there’s more pressure, more responsibility, and potentially more danger to screw everything up. Continue reading “When you’re that good, everyone wants a piece”

Snippet: Margot n Nori #amwriting #erotic #romance #writing

IneffableI’m putting the final touches on Ineffable, folks! I’m working toward a pre-Christmas release. So y’all won’t have to wait too much longer. In this unedited snippet about half way through the book, I’ve started to flesh out the drama – a trifecta of crap based on Margot’s troublemaker reputation, the trouble it brings from complete strangers and Nori’s father Aro. Enjoy! – SS

…She left for California the next day. As soon as she said goodbye his mood sank like a boat with a hole in it. He called Lado to vent over a drink.

His old friend just laughed when he bitched about over ambitious women who didn’t know their place. “I can’t believe you of all people are complaining because she’s out of town working. It’s not like she’s gallivanting in a mini skirt showing people her crotch, or following the Grateful Dead on ecstasy. She’s helping to advertise the Ineffable brand, and put money in your pocket, I might add.”

“She should be here with me,” Nori said stubbornly.

“You want her to only travel with you, then?”

Put like that it did sound fucking ridiculous, and Nori still didn’t give a shit and said so.

“Laugh it up. Your day is coming.” Continue reading “Snippet: Margot n Nori #amwriting #erotic #romance #writing”