Gay Be Damned! He’s Still Sexy @TheRealLukevans #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

It bugs me when I comment on an attractive man, and someone says, you know he’s gay. Me: *blinks, stares blankly* I’m always like, what’s your point? Some of the sexiest men I’ve ever encountered wouldn’t have me sexually on a bet. LOL That doesn’t mean they’re not sexy. Case in point, Luke Evans. I … Continue reading Gay Be Damned! He’s Still Sexy @TheRealLukevans #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Love @NateParker in @BeyondTheLights #amwriting #erotic #romance

Of course I saw Beyond the Lights this weekend, and while it’s not gonna win any Oscars, I consider it a triumph. First, it was uber romantic, so y’all know I’m a fan. Second, Gugu Mbatha-Raw was beautifully broken and soo relatable. Who doesn’t know what it’s like to be bullied and feel like you have … Continue reading Love @NateParker in @BeyondTheLights #amwriting #erotic #romance

Three Reasons to Like Justin Theroux That Have Nothing To Do With You Know Who And Everything To Do With #Writing @Ellemagazine

I’ve always liked Justin Theroux as an actor, but I had no idea he was an accomplished writer until I read a profile of the actor in a recent issue of Elle. Now I like him as a writer because you know, being one myself, we are often partial to one another. So without further ado, three reasons to like Justin Theroux that have nothing to do with his famous girlfriend, who shall remain nameless out of sympathy for him constantly being attached to her and cheated of his separate identity like he had no career or life before her. Yes *gasp* I know that sentence was way too long.JustinT

One, he can successfully write funny. According to the Elle piece: Theroux cowrote 2008’s action comedyTropic Thunder, which made $188 million worldwide and earned Robert Downey Jr. an Oscar nomination. He also wrote 2010’s Iron Man 2, which took in $624 million, and cowrote Tom Cruise’s 2012 big-budget hair-metal spoof, Rock of Ages. I can’t vouch for Tropic Thunder or Rock of Ages. I refuse to see the first because Robert D’s in blackface, and I rebuke that bullshit on principle. I haven’t seen the latter because bad hair and that kind of rock music make me want to throw myself headfirst into an Erykah Badu CD. Continue reading “Three Reasons to Like Justin Theroux That Have Nothing To Do With You Know Who And Everything To Do With #Writing @Ellemagazine”