Dear #DashaZhukova and #Buro247: Thanks for the inspiration!

BSSo, yeah, the editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine and Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova was featured in a Buro 24/7 editorial in this lovely and oh so positive black woman bondage chair – on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at that! Dasha and Miroslava (who runs Buro 24/7), thank you, dears, so very very much for that extra something special; I’m sure all black people everywhere appreciate that lovely imagery on what has traditionally been a day of positive celebration.

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@Beyonce is too sexy? What was she before? #Beyonce

I was so hyped when I learned Friday that Beyoncé had dropped a new album. I was actually pissed it came out on iTunes cuz I don’t get down like that. But I am prepared to wait semi patiently for the CD. She keep it gangsta – made such a huge splash with no promotion, not to mention dropping 17 video snippets at once…I knew she was being awful quiet…But then I saw this article on EURweb that got on my nerves. Beyonce

Apparently there are quite a few folk up in arms that Bey is being too explicit…*scratches head and looks confused*…and is apparently exploiting poor Blue Ivy who had a lil cameo in a snippet. In one tweet someone actually tried to slut shame her, talking about, Beyonce is a role model, and how can she do this… Thhhphhthttth!!!

Beyoncé is an artist. She’s also a grown ass woman, with a husband and a baby. Why does being sexy equate to not being a role model? Beyoncé is a film star, a designer, an entrepreneur, a brand killing, big sponsor having beauty with a unique and fabulous voice who can dance her ass off. She’s also married, with a child, in that order. What exactly is not to like?

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