Is it weird that I always want more action?

Hey y’all. Is it weird that I crave action in books? I want ash to be happening constantly. If it’s not I legit move on. I think it’s related to my love of action movies. But it makes for interesting writing. Somebody’s always getting hurt, physically or mentally, ‘cuz I gotta keep ish poppin’! Lemme go sit my geeked behind down somewhere. Can you tell I’m trying not to swear? Here’s an unedited snippet where last week’s blog left off. Lemme know what you think!

“Good! I’ll call you later to see where you are. They wanna start soon. Love you!”

Kae stared at the buzzing phone and shook her head. She already knew what was gonna happen. She’d be firm and resolute, he’d rebut. Then she’d whine and complain, and her brother would present every possible benefit. He’d wear her down with pluses while downplaying every minus, and eventually she’d cave. G didn’t come to her with projects very often, but when he did he went in. It was annoying how infrequently she won arguments with him. Continue reading “Is it weird that I always want more action?”