Snippet: Lou n Lucky go shooting. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. I am having so much frickin’ fun writing this book. It is ridiculous. There’s something a British heroine. Her fast speech, the rhythm of it, it’s really flowing out. I hope it comes across as well for you. As I type this, I’m saying words out loud in my best British accent. LOL But please enjoy this unedited snippet from Lou and Lucky. This scene is toward the end of the book. Lucky’s revealed who he really is, shown his true, gorgeous demon self, and told Lou that he’s destined to go home and do big things. After some coaxing she agrees to go with – it doesn’t take much, the girl’s a bit of an adventure whore – but first he convinces her to learn to shoot. This is what happens on their first trip to the gun range. I’ll be releasing my next cover soon! You’re going to love it. It is sooo gorgeous. Enjoy! – SS

After an hour he decided they’d had enough, and positioned her on a bench near, but not too near the men’s room. It was unseemly, he told her, scowling, when she asked why didn’t she just wait outside the door?

She just grinned and shook her head at him. “Okay, mum. Wouldn’t want someone to mistake me for a hooker looking to pick up trade.”

But even that distance wasn’t enough to keep Lou out of trouble. She was on her phone when a shadow fell over her. Thinking it was Lucky she looked up grinning. But a tall, overweight Hispanic man stood there.

“Happy to see me?” He said, cocky.

She eyed him, taking a slow inventory of the good sized belly that pressed against his flannel. “No.”

His smile faltered a bit, but that didn’t stop him, unfortunately. Continue reading “Snippet: Lou n Lucky go shooting. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance”