Snippet Wednesday: Margot n Nori #Ineffable #writing #erotic #romance

Hey y’all. Last snippet before I release Ineffable. In this piece Nori’s teasing Margot about her legendary temper, but she reveals all is not always what it seems… Enjoy. Lemme know what you think! – SS

“I confess I like watching you in action. It’s so much better than anything else I could come up with to entertain me.”Ineffable

“Jackass. I have a tendency to let things build up, that’s all. Most things I let roll off my back. The problem is, these days triflin’ motherfuckers see not attacking as a sign of weakness. Then they feel confident coming back for more; they keep trying their luck, and there’s certain things you not gon’ try me on. That’s when they get the fireworks.”

“Certain things like what?”

She shrugged. “Like my body. That story about me cussing that movie star out in a restaurant happened because he wouldn’t take no for an answer. He was saying filthy things in my ear for hours. When he put his hand on my thigh, I had to give it to him. Ain’t no man gon’ decide when to get my pussy. Continue reading “Snippet Wednesday: Margot n Nori #Ineffable #writing #erotic #romance”