My love for K-pop: It all started with One Direction…

Clips from the first installment in my Asian series start today! This series evolved from my newish enjoyment of K-drama and K-pop. But it all started with One Direction, which I discovered in 2018. You have to understand, the last boy band I was actually into was New Kids on the Block and New Edition. Did I just totally date myself? Anyway… Continue reading “My love for K-pop: It all started with One Direction…”

Kae and The Rage is live!

She’s out! She’s live. Here’s to focus and changed behaviors in 2019. I am so proud of myself. Two books in the span of a few months. Yes, I am patting myself on the back. I wanted to bring you more content, and I am! Go me! LOL

Seriously, I really hope you enjoy this book. I’m good for writing about families of characters – duh series – but I’ve stumbled upon a good crew here. You’ll even see some familiar names from some of my other books.

Continue reading “Kae and The Rage is live!”