Praise be, @ScandalABC brought back the romance! #StevieWonder

I just caught last night’s episode. Sigh. The romance is back, y’all. For awhile, the show seemed like it was on an unfortunate downward slide, but these past few weeks have shown why this tale of star crossed lovers and their motley coterie of friends and frenemies will not be denied. Fitz n’ Liv and … Continue reading Praise be, @ScandalABC brought back the romance! #StevieWonder

Tough Love

I am sooo in love with Scandal. I’ve seen every – released – episode, ordered the first season on DVD, tweeted about it, now I’ve blogged about it, I’ve gushed about it in conversation, watched interviews, everything. And I don’t just love this series because at its heart is an interracial love story. I won’t … Continue reading Tough Love