Real Life Inspiration

I’ve been wearing old Maxwell tunes out lately. He reminds me so much of the character I have banging around in my head right now. You might recall Natty from Fiona Love? He’s going to get his own story, and I’ve paired him up with a Southern sweetheart and a fireball. I’m still working out the deets, but Embrya and Now seem to epitomize Natty as I plan to portray him in the new story, vulnerable, irresistible, chewable…the kind of man you would do anything to help and relish the opportunity, while also wanting to do extremely wanton, naughty things to him under the cover of darkness. 🙂 I envision this more nuanced Natty as a sweetheart of anxiety with enough sexual bite to excuse occasional bouts of brat…

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Maxwell = Sexy Sincerity

I’ve been wearing old – and new – Maxwell tunes out lately, and this one is a cut. I get such an impression of sincerity from him through his music and his interviews. As though he genuinely adores women, taking pleasure in all our little ticks and finding beauty in all our little quirks.

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A Problem with Pretty

Of course I stayed up late last night looking at pictures/videos of fine ass men instead of sleeping. I stumbled across this one of Maxwell from a few years ago. He seems like such a cool dude, extreme talent and overall fineness notwithstanding. DJ Clue asks him what kind of women he likes, and he goes, “I got a problem with pretty…” Hilarious. I sympathize Maxwell. I got that problem too…

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