The Eternal Quest For Simple Things @MiguelUnlimited #music #writing #erotic #romance

I must be having a Virgo moment. I’m staring at my place, looking at all the shit I need to do and haven’t done. The dishes sitting in their soapy bath of rapidly cooling water. Well, it was soapy. Most of the bubbles are gone. The clothes I didn’t hang up or lay out in … Continue reading The Eternal Quest For Simple Things @MiguelUnlimited #music #writing #erotic #romance

Miguel Changes It Up Beautifully

I love it when artists aren’t afraid to explore new territory, to veer away from the expected. R&B isn’t just about making love, f*$!ing or tearing up the club. Miguels’ Candle in the Sun reminds me of that classic Marvin Gaye tune Mercy, Mercy Me Continue reading Miguel Changes It Up Beautifully

The Thrill

I wonder did Miguel always have this stuff waiting in the wings. Like, did he ease us into his talent with that first album or did he just mature like for real between that first album and the next? He’s definitely pushing back against the simplistic nature of today’s R&B, thank goodness… Continue reading The Thrill