A woman should always prepare to win.

Our heroine Sinna is getting into her new role as the costume designer for hit K-pop group 501K. She’s about to meet her Korean cutie, but in this unedited snippet that leaves off from last week’s, we get a glimpse of what a high powered, stylish woman does when given control over five extremely handsome Korean men…  Continue reading “A woman should always prepare to win.”

Snippet: Margot and Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Of course I’m having my usual end of book block. I don’t know if I’m sad the book’s ending, fearful the ending isn’t wild enough or both. But enjoy this lil’ unedited taste while I get my act together. This is the beginning of their love affair. Nori’s still an arrogant bugger – can you tell I’m simultaneously working on another story featuring a British heroine? – making mental conditions for a love affair with his next artisan. But our Margot’s got something for his ass. Ha! – SS

…It was weird. He’d never liked tall women, preferring them short and well rounded, and while Margot’s bosom was as curvy as he could want, she had to be at least 5’9, and everywhere but her tits she was as lean as a greyhound. He hoped she was stronger than she looked. The way she had him feeling, he wasn’t entirely sure he’d be able to curtail his desire to be rough with her when he finally got her in bed.

He’d never seriously considered sleeping with someone he worked with. But then again, he’d never wanted a woman the way he wanted her, and he saw no reason why he should not have her. It was a capsule collection, after all. If things went badly, and instinct told him they would not, their association already had an end date. Sure dating one’s work colleague was a no no, but never say never, right?

Besides, she didn’t strike him as the clingy type. She was far too self-contained for that. Plus, he was French, he thought, grinning. There was always room for an exception, and Margot Temple was it. He was going after her, he would win her, and he would have her under him a, s, a, fucking p. He wouldn’t accept anything else… Continue reading “Snippet: Margot and Nori #writing #erotic #romance”