How to Love a Pink Demon is now live! She’s out, she’s out, my next book is fiiii-nally out. Phew.

I did it. I finally cut the cord. It’s only been an ice age, but How to Love a Pink Demon is live in the Amazon Kindle story. Phew! I hope you love Steele. I didn’t actually do her justice. She’s seriously much better in my head. We’re talking the black, female Jason Bourne sans … Continue reading How to Love a Pink Demon is now live! She’s out, she’s out, my next book is fiiii-nally out. Phew.

Steele: Business and money should never be personal.

PINK_Demon_FinalHi guys –

I’m determined to release this sucker next week, so I can move on to my next project. I gotta speed up production! I’m also going to officially move my blog posting date to Saturday. Wednesday hasn’t happened in awhile, and backdating is lame. So, we’ll see how I do. Meantime, here’s another snippet where the last one leaves off. Let me know what you think!



Tommy called later to confirm she’d come tomorrow to meet Miles and sign the papers.

“That soon?”

“Yup. He’s the no time like the present type, likes to keep busy. You’ll like him.”

Steele raised a brow. She didn’t like anybody. Continue reading “Steele: Business and money should never be personal.”

Be careful asking for what you want. You just might get it.

PINK_Demon_FinalI am driving myself nuts. I haven’t published anything in so long, I’m having major anxiety about publishing this book. I keep thinking it needs this, it needs that. Arrrghhh! I have gotta cut the cord. Until I do, here’s another snippet for you where the last one leaves off…



Tommy laughed. “I know, it sounds typical, but he’s a big name over there. And he’s not doing bad since he branched out over here either. The Hollywood Foreign Press said he’s got the Midas touch, talent and the ability to not only pick great roles, but ones that increase his star power exponentially with each and every film.”

“You sound like his American press agent.” Continue reading “Be careful asking for what you want. You just might get it.”

Demons write screenplays and take refuge in the handsome bodies of award-winning actors.

PINK_Demon_FinalIt’s not unusual for me to cry over things that happen to my characters – in stories I haven’t even written yet. Which is both weird and tragic. Weird for obvious reasons, tragic because that much emotion not being read by someone is just stupid. So why can’t I get consistently motivated? I just don’t understand my self sometimes.

They need to invent a machine that kicks you in your ass every hour you don’t produce at least 100 words. I would say I should invent it but that would mean even more time that I spend NOT writing. Sigh. Anyway, here’s another snippet from my upcoming “How to Love a Pink Demon.” It leaves off where the last blog ended. Lemme know what you think! And thanks for your patience while I sort out my shit. Believe me, I know I’m pushing it. 



Her girls thought she was some tragic figure, tortured by the lives she’d taken while in the military. Steele didn’t tell them any different. It was far from the truth, but they’d really bug out if they knew she rarely thought of those days. That she did not care a jot for her many, many kills in grimy, hidden places around the world. They were assignments or casualties of war, nothing more, nothing less. Continue reading “Demons write screenplays and take refuge in the handsome bodies of award-winning actors.”

Why I used the N word in my latest erotic paranormal romance novel.

PINK_Demon_FinalHey y’all. I don’t want you to be surprised when you buy this latest offering in my Demon Series and see some tough language – the n word specifically.

The word has evolved considerably, been essentially taken back by black people, which I’ve always found extraordinary. But it’s still emotionally charged, full of shitty historical context and wrathful feelings most black and white folks would gladly leave by the wayside forever. But its modern iteration is still perfect for this particular book.

My heroine Steele explains it briefly in the book, asking our hero Miles to look up the word niggardly in the dictionary.

The word doesn’t appear often in the book, and when it does it’s in very natural conversational situations. I know people these days tend to go from 0 to 100 for even the slightest offense. It’s doubtful this blog will allay that sort of response completely if folks are determined to go down that road. But at least this little preface is here for those who care to look, read and understand. Continue reading “Why I used the N word in my latest erotic paranormal romance novel.”

His mate had people who cared deeply for her. But soon he would take over that role.

PINK_Demon_FinalI’m pulling the trigger this weekend, y’all! So, if you’ve been waiting patiently for this book, you won’t have to wait much longer.

There was so much more I wanted to include – enough for a whole other book really – Steele is such an interesting character. She’s been featured in some of my other books, and this novel won’t be the last time you hear from her. But I’m already getting behind on the schedule I set for this year. I’m determined to publish more frequently. I will conquer my reluctance to let go! Thanks for sticking with me. Here’s another snippet where the last blog leaves off. I hope you’re into it.



The smile vanished as a man approached. His body tensed, preparing to charge to her rescue. Then he relaxed. It was one of her brothers. Tommy was right beside him, directing traffic as Tramp propped up his groggy sister and led her from the room.

Stealthily, he followed, smiling at this person and that one, laughing at a joke or pointing a finger like, “you the man!” a silly, cheerful gesture that always seemed to work on humans. But he let no one stop him as he followed after them. People smiled at him, but no one said anything when he mounted the stairs. Tramp caught him on the way down.

“Bathrooms occupied?”

Miles grinned and shrugged. He never lied if he could help it. But the other man just laughed and went on his way. Continue reading “His mate had people who cared deeply for her. But soon he would take over that role.”

That first real look at a new love is never enough.

PINK_Demon_FinalI’m going to let it go. I’ve set myself some ambitious publishing goals for 2019, but I can do it. I just have to learn to let go. Perfection does not exist. I can’t find every mistake. That has to be the saddest sentence I’ll type today… Here’s another snippet from my upcoming How to Love a Pink Demon. Tell me what you think! 



She resembled Tommy strongly. But she was a few inches taller, around 5’9 with the long, slender legs he remembered from his dream. She shared the same, large, hazel eyes as her cousin, the same short black hair, though her pixie cut was more utilitarian than her cousin’s slightly longer, more elegant style.

She wore plain clothes, a pale grey t-shirt and darker grey jeans. There were tiny gold studs in her small, neat ears, but no rings on her long fingers, no watch on her narrow wrist. He was charmed to see a dainty charm of a gun hung on a thin gold chain around her neck. He remembered the gun from his dreams. Did she like fire arms? Continue reading “That first real look at a new love is never enough.”