Sinna: I like me. Don’t you like you?

Saints and Sinnas Cover

When I write I try to say something. I try to create characters who aren’t just lovable, but admirable. Of course, right? Almost all writers try to do that. But my heroines and characters are literally better than me. These are women I aspire to be. But they’re never going to be perfect. Continue reading “Sinna: I like me. Don’t you like you?”

.@amandlastenberg is my new young adult hero. #race #bias

Remember the little girl who played the young Zoe Saldana in Columbiana? She’s kind of a gangster, y’all. Smart, conscious, eloquent, and not afraid to speak her mind. Color me impressed. No pun intended – but I’ll take it. LOL Take that Kylie Jenner. Note, I’m bashing her lame-o response to Amandla Stenberg’s comments, not her … Continue reading .@amandlastenberg is my new young adult hero. #race #bias

Dear #DashaZhukova and #Buro247: Thanks for the inspiration!

BSSo, yeah, the editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine and Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova was featured in a Buro 24/7 editorial in this lovely and oh so positive black woman bondage chair – on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at that! Dasha and Miroslava (who runs Buro 24/7), thank you, dears, so very very much for that extra something special; I’m sure all black people everywhere appreciate that lovely imagery on what has traditionally been a day of positive celebration.

Continue reading “Dear #DashaZhukova and #Buro247: Thanks for the inspiration!”