Girl, watch your back with that one. She might be…

One of my favorite narrative tricks is foreshadowing. Now, I’m a little different than some in that, I don’t need to be fooled or overly titillated in a heavy handed way to be engaged. Sometimes it’s enough for me to know there’s something brewing to want to keep reading — especially if the characters are … Continue reading Girl, watch your back with that one. She might be…

Jealousy makes you vulnerable. It’s easier for fictional villains to spot you, and use you

Saints and Sinnas CoverThere’s a saying, beware too many chefs in the kitchen, or something like that. It basically means when too many people try to be in charge, you have problems: friction, jealousy, work-related issues around production, performance and engagement. It’s just a bad scene, and our heroine Sinna is dealing with that with head hair stylist Min Ki. Continue reading “Jealousy makes you vulnerable. It’s easier for fictional villains to spot you, and use you”

Fans, family, all are loved. All can get f*!ked if they stand between a demon and his mate.

PINK_Demon_FinalI need discipline. I’m working on it though. Anyway, here’s another unedited snippet that picks up where my last blog leaves off. Let me know what you think! I’m still on track to publish this book this month. Thanks for waiting! And shout out to people like “Little Fears” who consistently like my stuff. I appreciate you.



Foresight was common among his caste of demons, especially when it came time to secure one’s mate. Some had more, others just enough to provide better than average intuition on which direction to go in life. Now his was telling him to get on a plane. That on the other end of a large stretch of blue water he’d find the female haunting his mind and gently tormenting his body.

Having run and tramped and frolicked for hours with his brothers, he should have slept soundly. But that night he woke the house crying out. He wasn’t that loud, but Garhine demons have extra keen hearing. His brothers rushed into his room, his mum and dad on their heels, all of them concerned. Continue reading “Fans, family, all are loved. All can get f*!ked if they stand between a demon and his mate.”

When a demon wants his mate…

Here’s an unedited snippet from the next installment in my Demon series. I hope you like it…



At first Miles didn’t know what was going on. Normally the most even tempered of men, he was short with someone in a store. It wasn’t awful – and the silly girl had it coming with her incompetent, starstruck nonsense – but it was enough to make his assistant stare at him in surprise.

“I’m sorry, mate. I barely sleep a wink last night.”

It was true. Dreams had him tossing and turning until the sun was rising. He apologized to the girl before they left. She was happy to accept, even cooing sympathetically when he wordlessly touched his forehead. She was perfectly willing to believe in his make believe headache. She even offered him some water, which he accepted and drained before handing back the empty bottle with smiling thanks.

His assistant rolled his eyes. “You’re a smoothie.”

Miles just winked. He wasn’t an award-winning actor for nothing. Continue reading “When a demon wants his mate…”

This poor little girl packed a helluva punch – in bed and out.

Paying For ItI don’t want to, but I love that classic romance novel trope of the poor virgin and the rich man. I even wrote one with Paying For It. But I spun it a little bit in that my heroine Tunie isn’t a complete pushover. That’s part of the reason she’s able to turn my hero Charles inside out. In the end, she saves him. 

In this snippet I offer you a glimpse into her past, a horrible glimpse of what helped craft her into the tough cookie my Charlie can’t live without.

Paying For It is out now. 


SS Continue reading “This poor little girl packed a helluva punch – in bed and out.”

Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.

Hello! Long time no read. I know. I’m shitty for not posting in forever, but I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you every day. I’ve been writing almost every day too, but it’s been more like a trickle than a flood. This whole full time job thing is so inconvenient! I keep hoping they’ll fire me, but no. So I keep going, they keep paying and sucking up all the primo writing time during the day. Fuckers. But I’m back with an unedited snippet from my upcoming novel The Siege of Sophie. Enjoy, comment, and know that this lengthy blog absence is now over.

Refresher: This story is a classic really. Heroine falls on hard times, hero steps in to save the day in more ways than one. But there are a few twists here and there, and you’ll see a few familiar characters return from Ineffable, Tommy, Steele, Margot and the crew. Sophie is an old, familiar friend who’s been absent from the circle due to financial trouble. Her mother also died and with it a long and rather worthless relationship. These things are all connected and have created a perfect storm of shit that has taken our heroine down and would have buried her in depression if she wasn’t such a stubborn little cuss.  Continue reading “Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.”

It’s Coming…

I’m not dead! No, you know I’m not. You know I’ve just been writing and living and feeling terribly guilty for not blogging regularly. But you knew I was living ‘cuz you follow me on Instagram, right? No matter; all that’s about to change. I’m devoting myself to my romance writing. By the end of 2017 … Continue reading It’s Coming…

Snippet: Lou n Lucky get it on for the first time. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. Sorry I’ve been MIA. Every time I think, I need to blog, I get distracted. But I have been writing, so things are popping. In this unedited snippet, Lou and Lucky are getting it on for the first time… Lemme know what you think. – SS

He tasted sweet. Drugging and sweet.

Her neck and shoulders liquefied under his hands, and the loose, hot feeling spread to nestle in the damp flesh between her legs. She hadn’t felt it in a long time, maybe never like this. Need. Hard, grinding, a hairs breadth from desperation kind of need. It wobbled in the backs of her thighs and knees. Made the tips of her breasts hurt and an incessant beat throb where thigh met body.

She felt shaky, strangely disconnected, as though the feelings in body and the turmoil in mind were being stretched farther and farther apart on a rope that grew frayed and threatened to snap at any moment. Good Christ, she thought, holding onto her mind doggedly. The sensations he inspired even sensitized the bottoms of her feet. Continue reading “Snippet: Lou n Lucky get it on for the first time. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance”

Snippet: Lou n Lucky go shooting. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. I am having so much frickin’ fun writing this book. It is ridiculous. There’s something a British heroine. Her fast speech, the rhythm of it, it’s really flowing out. I hope it comes across as well for you. As I type this, I’m saying words out loud in my best British accent. LOL But please enjoy this unedited snippet from Lou and Lucky. This scene is toward the end of the book. Lucky’s revealed who he really is, shown his true, gorgeous demon self, and told Lou that he’s destined to go home and do big things. After some coaxing she agrees to go with – it doesn’t take much, the girl’s a bit of an adventure whore – but first he convinces her to learn to shoot. This is what happens on their first trip to the gun range. I’ll be releasing my next cover soon! You’re going to love it. It is sooo gorgeous. Enjoy! – SS

After an hour he decided they’d had enough, and positioned her on a bench near, but not too near the men’s room. It was unseemly, he told her, scowling, when she asked why didn’t she just wait outside the door?

She just grinned and shook her head at him. “Okay, mum. Wouldn’t want someone to mistake me for a hooker looking to pick up trade.”

But even that distance wasn’t enough to keep Lou out of trouble. She was on her phone when a shadow fell over her. Thinking it was Lucky she looked up grinning. But a tall, overweight Hispanic man stood there.

“Happy to see me?” He said, cocky.

She eyed him, taking a slow inventory of the good sized belly that pressed against his flannel. “No.”

His smile faltered a bit, but that didn’t stop him, unfortunately. Continue reading “Snippet: Lou n Lucky go shooting. #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance”