Snippet Tuesday: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #roughcut #ratedR

Hey ya’ll. I’m still zigzagging back and forth between stories. Right now the passion between Margot and Nori is keeping me very busy. I may have mentioned before that I’m telling this story primarily through his eyes, which is interesting. It kinda lets me pretend to be a man. Though, I bet my “man” is a bit more enlightened and verbose than the average specimen. LOL These two clicked so fast, it’s been tough for me to find the conflict I need to give the story teeth, but I think it will take form as external drama. We’ll see how it plays out. Meantime, I hope you enjoy this unedited snippet. This love scene happens right after some family drama. They’re soooo in love…sigh…

“Tommy would be appalled at how carelessly you’re treating this Dolce and Gabbana dress.”

“I wouldn’t care if the fabric was made out of spun gold, help me get it off, or I’ll rip it to shreds,” he ordered, spinning her around and yanking down her zipper.

He stood back then, fisted hands opening and closing as he watched her step out of the dress and slowly remove her bra, and even more slowly, her panties. But instead of enflaming him, her gentle titillation made him smile. He laughed as her smooth brown skin was revealed, continued to laugh as he tugged off his own clothes. Continue reading “Snippet Tuesday: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #roughcut #ratedR”