Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.

Hello! Long time no read. I know. I’m shitty for not posting in forever, but I want you to know I’ve been thinking about you every day. I’ve been writing almost every day too, but it’s been more like a trickle than a flood. This whole full time job thing is so inconvenient! I keep hoping they’ll fire me, but no. So I keep going, they keep paying and sucking up all the primo writing time during the day. Fuckers. But I’m back with an unedited snippet from my upcoming novel The Siege of Sophie. Enjoy, comment, and know that this lengthy blog absence is now over.

Refresher: This story is a classic really. Heroine falls on hard times, hero steps in to save the day in more ways than one. But there are a few twists here and there, and you’ll see a few familiar characters return from Ineffable, Tommy, Steele, Margot and the crew. Sophie is an old, familiar friend who’s been absent from the circle due to financial trouble. Her mother also died and with it a long and rather worthless relationship. These things are all connected and have created a perfect storm of shit that has taken our heroine down and would have buried her in depression if she wasn’t such a stubborn little cuss.  Continue reading “Snippet: When a man says, “Let’s play a game,” however much you may want to, don’t run.”

It’s Coming…

I’m not dead! No, you know I’m not. You know I’ve just been writing and living and feeling terribly guilty for not blogging regularly. But you knew I was living ‘cuz you follow me on Instagram, right? No matter; all that’s about to change. I’m devoting myself to my romance writing. By the end of 2017 … Continue reading It’s Coming…

The Eternal Quest For Simple Things @MiguelUnlimited #music #writing #erotic #romance

I must be having a Virgo moment. I’m staring at my place, looking at all the shit I need to do and haven’t done. The dishes sitting in their soapy bath of rapidly cooling water. Well, it was soapy. Most of the bubbles are gone. The clothes I didn’t hang up or lay out in … Continue reading The Eternal Quest For Simple Things @MiguelUnlimited #music #writing #erotic #romance

@Beyonce is too sexy? What was she before? #Beyonce

I was so hyped when I learned Friday that Beyoncé had dropped a new album. I was actually pissed it came out on iTunes cuz I don’t get down like that. But I am prepared to wait semi patiently for the CD. She keep it gangsta – made such a huge splash with no promotion, not to mention dropping 17 video snippets at once…I knew she was being awful quiet…But then I saw this article on EURweb that got on my nerves. Beyonce

Apparently there are quite a few folk up in arms that Bey is being too explicit…*scratches head and looks confused*…and is apparently exploiting poor Blue Ivy who had a lil cameo in a snippet. In one tweet someone actually tried to slut shame her, talking about, Beyonce is a role model, and how can she do this… Thhhphhthttth!!!

Beyoncé is an artist. She’s also a grown ass woman, with a husband and a baby. Why does being sexy equate to not being a role model? Beyoncé is a film star, a designer, an entrepreneur, a brand killing, big sponsor having beauty with a unique and fabulous voice who can dance her ass off. She’s also married, with a child, in that order. What exactly is not to like?

Does it then follow that I can’t be a role model because I write sexy books? It’s bullshit. Continue reading “@Beyonce is too sexy? What was she before? #Beyonce”