Snippet: Sophie and Lado #erotic #romance #fiction #ratedR #amwriting

I know ya’ll are fired up about Charles and Tunie, but that story ain’t goin’ right, right now. I gotta think of some really foul ish to get the starch out of Charles, and I need some drama to bring out some fire in Tunie – external shenanigans, mayhap? Nothing like some bad ass side characters to pop in, wreak havoc and pop out. I dunno, but meantime I’ve been distracted by some friends of Margot and Nori, Sophie and Lado. Their passion has been on my mind for days. I swear, the way I hop from story to story if I was a man, someone would call me a playboy. *winks*

But take a look at what’s happening between them in this unedited snippet. And I promise, for the next few weeks it’s Charles and Tunie with a will! I’m gonna finish that story, and I’m predicting *peers into crystal ball* it will knock your collective socks off. Just have a little patience with me. Ya’ll know I love drama and action. I can’t give you a story that doesn’t have both in spades. Oh, and sex. Gotta keep it sexy. After all, what kind of romance doesn’t have the heat?

A little back story on Sophie and Lado. She is a writer. Once a big time children’s author, her inspiration dried up after her mother’s terminal illness and eventual death. The end to a bad relationship doesn’t help, nor do money worries. Belt tightening, house/taxes threatening money worries. Now a freelance writer to make ends meet, she does a story on Lado’s law firm and it’s lack of diversity. At the time she doesn’t know he’s Nori’s best friend. He badgers and she agrees to do a follow up piece. But after the piece is finished he doesn’t go away. He takes her on as his next project and all sorts of luscious hijinx ensue.

Like with Margot and Nori Tommy makes her presence known, and I’m hinting heavily at the romance-drama of the century when I give ya’ll her and Dom’s story. Tommy has turned into the perfect character, strong willed, hilarious. She’s like the big mouth best friend we all have and love to hate. But, enjoy Sophie and Lado. And don’t forget to tell me what you think…

“My answer is no.”

“I don’t accept it.”

“You have to,” she said, pulling away she made for the kitchen. She was gasping for a drink, and she needed the little distance she got with her back to him at the sink. “As interesting as it sounds, I can’t let you run me.” Continue reading “Snippet: Sophie and Lado #erotic #romance #fiction #ratedR #amwriting”

Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting

I know you all are interested in Charles and Tunie’s story – I appreciate all of the positive feedback so keep it coming – but don’t forget about Margot and Nori. In this unedited snippet, things between our hero and heroine are really starting to heat up, both inside and outside of their relationship. Names you might not know: Aro – Nori’s father, and Lado – Nori’s best friend, who will be getting his own story. I think you know Tommy, Margot’s friend, who will also be getting her own story. My lil’ brain is moving and grovin’. Enjoy! Let me know what you think… 

…Then the rumors started flying. Gutter press flooded the internet with old and fake stories about Margot Temper-tantrums. Photos appeared of first her with strange men – one a handsome business lunch date – and then him laughing with a tall, voluptuous red head – one of his employees wives come to visit the office for the day.

Neither believed the other had betrayed their trust, so the barbs bounced off, as harmless as child safety scissors.

At a house party for Margot’s friend Reiko, she sat perched on his lap when she wasn’t dancing seductively – her eyes finding his often to let him know exactly who she was dancing for.

But the next day paparazzi were camped outside her house. A story had appeared in the RedEye cleverly suggested that her temper tantrums had affected profits for the Ineffable chain, that his father was considering ousting him from the CEO position.

No fool, Aro called immediately to deny having had anything to do with the story. He insisted it was no more than clever yellow journalism. But then the story about her first husband broke. Apparently George had finally emerged from the drunken stupor he typically operated in from parts unknown in Indiana and realized his ex was making quite a name for herself.

Like all no good, lazy degenerates, he decided she owed him some of her success, and he began selling stories to whoever would buy them. He happily leaked salaciously exaggerated details about Margot from their brief time together, conveniently forgetting anything about the abuse he’d inflicted. And soon, having acquired a taste for the easy money he earned from selling secrets, attempted to shake Margot down for some more. Continue reading “Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting”

Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. Here’s an unedited snippet from my upcoming book featuring Margot and Nori. He has totally captured my heart. How often do you find a hero who’s the perfect mix of vulnerable and strong, fearless and fearful. Usually, it’s the heroine who fits that description, but Nori is a G! It’s a sex scene, so if you’re not of age, click away, nosy! I chose this bit because I tweeted out a few lines, and folks were favorite-ing so I figure I must be on to something. I hope it conveys a sense of urgency, of desperation almost. Lemme know what you think. As always, I thank you for reading and look forward to your comments. Best, SS…

“How’s the collection coming?”

“Fine. I’ll have six pieces by the end of next week as agreed.”

He nodded slowly. Wait. She was taking off her clothes! Continue reading “Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction”

Dear #DashaZhukova and #Buro247: Thanks for the inspiration!

BSSo, yeah, the editor-in-chief of Garage Magazine and Russian socialite Dasha Zhukova was featured in a Buro 24/7 editorial in this lovely and oh so positive black woman bondage chair – on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday at that! Dasha and Miroslava (who runs Buro 24/7), thank you, dears, so very very much for that extra something special; I’m sure all black people everywhere appreciate that lovely imagery on what has traditionally been a day of positive celebration.

Continue reading “Dear #DashaZhukova and #Buro247: Thanks for the inspiration!”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi ya’ll. In this snippet Charlie has introduced Tunie to his gallerist friend Fan, who immediately signs her to a contract and begins to make initial plans to show her work. Realizing he has unintentionally given his innocent mistress the fuel she needs to dump him, he begins to unravel and we learn a bit about why – rather who – made him the closed off, mistress-over-love preferring man that he is…

Charles couldn’t focus for shit at work that day. He answered emails, took calls and attended meetings, and he must have performed adequately because no one except for his sharp eyed assistant gave him strange looks or had questions outside normal business constraints. But later he couldn’t remember anything that happened. The decisions he made, blank. Actions he advised, advice he gave, all blank. Tunie dominated his thoughts completely.

Why the fuck had he introduced her to Fan? What a stupid thing to do! He should have saved it for their breakup, a way to ensure she could support herself after he was gone without having to work for minimum wage in some shitty coffee shop, or God forbid, have to find herself another protector.

Would she? He knew how easy it was to fall into old habits. To repeat the same fucked up things over and over, even knowing they were bad for you. No. He couldn’t see her becoming a career mistress. Why the hell would she need to? Thanks to Fan and her wretched contract, Tunie was now an artist. She could make a very nice living from her own creative impulses, thank you very much. Fuck. Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction”

Snippet Tuesday: Sometimes the best thing you can do is fall off your bike… #paranormal #romance #interracial

I’ve been a bit dizzy lately, unable to settle down and dig into a story. Eventually I just kept two docs open and switched back and forth as the mood took me – Oi! To be one of those uber organized writers who outline things! – but last week I started writing a story about a girl named Coffy. As sweet as her cinematic namesake was a badass, in this snippet we learn that everyone has their breaking point. You can take a stand without compromising who you are, and sometimes the next best thing is just around the corner…or in another dimension, blonde, big, and dressed in black leather. 🙂 As yet untitled and unedited, enjoy!

This did it. She was officially done. No more. She couldn’t take another – anything! What was she, a doormat?

Yes, her subconscious whispered. That’s exactly what you are.

“Not anymore,” she muttered, stuffing her things into her backpack.

The suitcase she’d arrived with had been borrowed long ago and never returned, along with half, heck, most of her clothes. She supposed it was just as well all she had was this backpack. It would have been tough to split on a bike otherwise.

Coffy looked around at the room where she’d spent the last 18 months of her life. She snorted. “See you later, jerks,” she whispered, peeking into the drawers and under the bed one last time to make sure she wasn’t leaving anything behind. The doormat, also known as Coffy Cartwright, has left the building. “I’m done letting everyone wipe their feet all over me.”

It was tough to take the high road when the people around you didn’t know what that was, and if they did, didn’t care. She’d been raised to take pride in her calm ability to not overreact, to behave decorously. Her mother, her lively, laughing mother had often praised young Coffy for being just like her daddy, “cool under pressure.

“You’re not like me, that’s for sure,” she’d sometimes laughed. “If I were a tea kettle, I’d be on perpetual boil! But that can be a tiresome way to live, baby girl. Better to take things in stride like you and your daddy. Half the time, anything you can get upset over isn’t worth the energy once you get to the bottom of it anyway.”

She took pride in the fact that she didn’t swear and did not act out in public because her mother had appreciated those qualities in her. Even now when anger was rapidly moving toward a belly-curdling rage so potent she had to close her eyes and breathe deep to keep from exploding, she managed to pull herself back from the edge.

Momma, momma, momma, she thought, reciting her beloved mother’s name like a mantra to ward off evil. Slowly she began to calm.

“Where are you going?” Monica sneered.

Coffy stopped and turned back to look at the girl who’d eaten the last of the birthday supper Mrs. Turner, the owner of their women’s hostel had made for her. A supper she’d barely gotten to taste once everyone’s greedy grubby grabbing hands had snatched everything up. No one cared that the birthday girl had worked all day and was hungry. It was first come, first take or steal, just like always.

“As far away from you as humanly possible,” she answered, and walked out. Continue reading “Snippet Tuesday: Sometimes the best thing you can do is fall off your bike… #paranormal #romance #interracial”