One day he puts a ring on it, the next day, it’s back to the grind

So, they’re engaged! Tan put a ring on it, and it is a stunner. Sinna being Sinna, she admired her new bauble, pondered the up and down sides of the decision, and went right back to work. For me, that’s one of the joys of writing about real women. We can have a fabulous man … Continue reading One day he puts a ring on it, the next day, it’s back to the grind

Everyone needs friends – especially friends who gently aid and assist a sexy love story

Saints and Sinnas CoverThey say having friends set you up is a great way to find love, though I imagine love can find you almost anywhere. But if there’s already a spark between two people, there’s nothing as cute as friends pulling for you (more or less) behind your back to give a sexy new love a chance to bloom – especially in a romantic story. Continue reading “Everyone needs friends – especially friends who gently aid and assist a sexy love story”

Snippet Tuesday: Margot n Nori #Ineffable #writing #erotic #romance

IneffableHey y’all. Ineffable is dropping tomorrow! Here’s a lil piece I cut because it didn’t serve the overall story, but I though you might wanna read it anyway.

“I think you should use yourself as the model.”

Margot looked at Tommy like she was crazy. They were discussing the big reveal for the annual Cambridge charity benefit. The who’s who in Chicago always came and auctioned off their goods and services. This year she was providing the finale item. An original Margot Temple creation. She’d designed a necklace for the body. A cross between a filigreed harness and a full torso choker, it was to be worn poolside but not in the water.

“Did you just hear me say the model is gonna be topless?” Continue reading “Snippet Tuesday: Margot n Nori #Ineffable #writing #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance

I haven’t posted in far too long – bad writer! – but I’m back in the game, y’all. Hopefully you’ve been getting my tweets so you didn’t think I was dead. I will begin the editing process this weekend – fingers crossed – on Charlie and Tunie’s story. But meantime, here’s an unedited snippet to whet your appetite for the final book. In it I tease out a big revelation that will impact interactions between our hero and heroine for the rest of the story. Enjoy, and be sure to let me what you think! – SS

She lay blinking, shocked, half wondering if she was still alive. But he was heavy. She could feel him breathing. She could feel the heat of his skin, its dampness. She could feel his heart thumping against her own. She wanted to touch him. To rub the sweat from her body and his between her fingers, but she couldn’t move. Her bones had turned to water.

Huffing loudly, he rolled to the side and lay there catching his breath. His hand found hers, and when their fingers laced she sighed.

He wondered what she was thinking. She didn’t seem upset, thank God. It would have been a tragedy if she had been – the sex was fantastic. She was so responsive. Like a Viper he’d once driven. He’d barely had to touch the wheel, barely pressed on its pedals before the car did whatever he wanted, fast. She’d gone off like a rocket in his arms, and like the Viper it had been the most delicious rush. And she felt that rush twice, he thought smugly.

She’d seemed surprised, almost shocked by their loving. Despite those old woman eyes of hers, her innocence had been obvious. In fact, he was looking forward with great anticipation to thoroughly corrupting her. He could already feel his body stirring for another round. He wanted to cover her back this time, to push into her warmth while she was on her knees. Then they could shower, and he could teach her to suck his cock, if she didn’t know how. Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance”