Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #writing #erotic #romance

Hey y’all. First round edits are complete. Second round begins today! I’ve been cutting and spicing and cutting. Whoo! It’s a beast, but I love it. Here’s another lil taste of Tunie and Charlie’s angst-y tale of romance. Let me know what you think! – SSPayingForIT

Tunie must have walked for over an hour. She walked until she looked up and realized it had gotten dark while she was lost in her thoughts. She was quite a ways from home, and her feet hurt, so she hailed a cab. But instead of heading for the apartment, she told the driver to take her downtown. She couldn’t take anymore tonight. Charlie would probably be gone by midnight, then she could go to bed in peace.

Charlie. Arrogant, silly, spoiled ass Charlie. He was something else. A walking contradiction and he didn’t even know it. So full of confidence, and knowing, but as sensitive as a turtle without his shell once you peeled back a few layers. Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #writing #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #writing #erotic #romance

Y’all, I’ve been tearing Paying For It up! Editing is a beast, but I’m pushing on. I’m looking forward to a long weekend to spend some quality time with my baby (WIP). Meantime, here’s another unedited snippet for you to taste. This is what happened right after Tunie accepts Charlie’s proposal to be his mistress. Lemme know what you think. – SSPayingForIT

The call came conveniently while Tunie was on her break at work the next day.

“Petunia Marshall?”

“Yes, this is Tunie.”

“My name is Charlotte, I’m Mr. Douglas’ executive assistant. I’m about to text you some information for an appointment he would like you to keep tomorrow afternoon.”

Tunie heard the beep before the woman finished her sentence. “Got it.”

“Please take a moment to review the information and let me know if there are any problems.”

Tunie looked. Serendipitously tomorrow was her off day. She’d agreed to cover for someone for a few hours in the morning, but she could make it in time no problem. “No, ma’am. I can make it.”

There was a pause. “Please call me Charlotte.” Tunie thought her voice sounded a shade warmer. Perhaps she wasn’t used to her boss’ mistresses calling her ma’am? Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #writing #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance

PayingForITHey y’all. The weekend is upon us, and I will be editing my fanny off so I can finish “Paying For It.” Meantime, please enjoy this unedited snippet. Here Charlie and Tunie attend their first dinner party as a couple. Things don’t go well…LOL Lemme know what you think! – SS

“Now Tom Monahan is a long-time client. He has these dinners two or three times a year to remind everyone how well to do he is, and to show off any new art he’s procured. I might be impressed by the art, since he does have some beautiful things, but it’s patently obvious he doesn’t appreciate the paintings and is only buying them because they’ll add value to his collection not to his life.”

“Is that it?”

“Pretty much. He’s been divorced for awhile and engaged once since then, but I suspect he’s too annoying for any decent woman. That and he’s getting more obnoxious with age. He also has a tendency to drink too much. By the end of the party he’ll most likely be saying completely inappropriate things, so don’t pay attention to anything that comes out of his mouth after 9:30.”

“Got it. Drunk, braggart, rude, rich, obligatory appearance.”

He winked. “That’s my smart girl.”

She rolled her eyes at him.

Things started out fine… Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance

I haven’t posted in far too long – bad writer! – but I’m back in the game, y’all. Hopefully you’ve been getting my tweets so you didn’t think I was dead. I will begin the editing process this weekend – fingers crossed – on Charlie and Tunie’s story. But meantime, here’s an unedited snippet to whet your appetite for the final book. In it I tease out a big revelation that will impact interactions between our hero and heroine for the rest of the story. Enjoy, and be sure to let me what you think! – SS

She lay blinking, shocked, half wondering if she was still alive. But he was heavy. She could feel him breathing. She could feel the heat of his skin, its dampness. She could feel his heart thumping against her own. She wanted to touch him. To rub the sweat from her body and his between her fingers, but she couldn’t move. Her bones had turned to water.

Huffing loudly, he rolled to the side and lay there catching his breath. His hand found hers, and when their fingers laced she sighed.

He wondered what she was thinking. She didn’t seem upset, thank God. It would have been a tragedy if she had been – the sex was fantastic. She was so responsive. Like a Viper he’d once driven. He’d barely had to touch the wheel, barely pressed on its pedals before the car did whatever he wanted, fast. She’d gone off like a rocket in his arms, and like the Viper it had been the most delicious rush. And she felt that rush twice, he thought smugly.

She’d seemed surprised, almost shocked by their loving. Despite those old woman eyes of hers, her innocence had been obvious. In fact, he was looking forward with great anticipation to thoroughly corrupting her. He could already feel his body stirring for another round. He wanted to cover her back this time, to push into her warmth while she was on her knees. Then they could shower, and he could teach her to suck his cock, if she didn’t know how. Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. As promised, this is the unedited “okay” scene I was working on last night…let me know what you think…

When dinner was over he rose with her in his arms, carrying her to the bed, and though he was hard, somehow he was able to subdue the constant, driving urgency he felt to make love to her. Instead they did something he’d only just started doing recently in bed – they talked.

“I have a dinner to go to tomorrow. I want you to come with me.”


“You’ll need a cocktail dress.”

“You mean after five?”

“Yes. Do you have anything suitable?” He knew she didn’t, but he didn’t want her to know he’d gone snooping through her things.

“’Fraid not. I mean, I do, but my good dress is so old you’d probably be embarrassed.”

He doubted that. Even in an old dress Tunie would still be gorgeous. But the people they were meeting would find fault if she appeared ill dressed, and he would not have her humiliated by their smilingly delivered slights and sharp eyed judgment. He didn’t even want to attend, but it was a work obligation, and it was prudent to bring a date to these sorts of affairs. Women had a tendency to lighten the mood.

“Well, you’ll have to go shopping then.”

“Okay.” Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. This unedited snippet details Charlie and Tunie’s first time. Considering it’s the first time she lays down as a mistress, I think it came out kind of sweet. It hints at the nature of their future relationship. Though you know I’m gonna throw all kinds of bumps in the road. 🙂 Let me know what you think. – SS

…She watched as he went to a cabinet and pulled down a bottle of scotch and poured himself a splash. He took it to the window and looked out. It had been dark for an hour, but the stars and the city lights reflection on the lake dispelled any trace of gloom.

She joined him at the window. Don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch, she told herself, knowing it was coming. Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction”

Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting

I was struck recently by the idea that your story or your hero/heroine is only as good as your villain. I can’t get it out of my head. You all know I’m always crabbing, I need more tension! I need something to happen! And I guess this is where that keen desire stems from. You need villainy so the goodness and love we love to write about will have teeth and really mean something. At first I thought the villain in Charles and Tunie’s story would be the mistress thing, a construct rather than an actual person. But ultimately, it wasn’t enough. First the mistress thing isn’t new, not in reality or in fiction. Yeah, they started out their relationship badly, but when it became patently obvious there was love there, why would that misunderstanding be enough to keep them from the ultimate? It wouldn’t. These are smart complex people who recognize that they are smart complex people. Enter The Bitch. I’ve alluded to her all along, this shadowy female horror who is responsible for turning our Charlie bad. But in this unedited snippet I start to dig in and flesh out what she did to him. I don’t think I’ve gone too far, but then again, I’m not the most conservative character myself. And just to be a complete tease. I have to tell you how this snippet ends is just the beginning of where this thing is going. 🙂 Lemme know what you think!

– SS

…He didn’t let Tunie serve their breakfast in bed. He didn’t want The Bitch to lurk in the room where they made love, so he joined her at table. They ate in silence. It was only as they sat drinking their coffee that he spoke again.

“I was no match for her. She was only a few years older than me, but it might as well have been a lifetime in terms of experience and cunning. I was spoiled, pampered. I’d never known hardship or had to master the art of lying in order to survive.”

“I hate to break it to you, honey,” Tunie rose to remove his plate. “But you’re still pampered.” Continue reading “Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #erotic #romance #fiction #amwriting”