Avatar3My name is Sherrod Story. I’m a Chicago, Ill-based romance novelist. You can find my work in the Amazon Kindle store.

I write romantic fiction, including: new adult, paranormal, young adult, erotica, and occasionally more than one of these all in one book. My novels are – hopefully – funny, charming, may depict some of society’s cover-your-mouth-type issues – but not in a preachy way – and sexy.

I write about real life themes: power, struggle, triumph, strength, beauty, fear, sex – of course – and of course, love. Lots and lots of love. I occasionally throw some magic in too ‘cuz hey, what’s real life without a hint of the supernatural?

Interspersed with snippets from said novels and discussions about writing in general, on this blog you will find commentary on film, music, style, society and people in the news. So strap yourself in and let me tell you a story.

I thank you for visiting and commenting and liking and all that good readers-are-the-best-thing-ever stuff.

Peace and love,



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