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???????????????????????????????????????How to Love a Blue Demon

A paranormal love story about a rocker chick and the blue demon prince from a star far far away who will do anything to have her.




How to Love a Green Demon

What to do when your lover is a demon and he wants to take you home to meet his mother – oh, and fulfill a prophecy to save his people…go, of course.



Ineffable Ineffable

Sometimes when you mix business with pleasure the issues between the employee and the boss aren’t the ones you need to watch out for.



PayingForITPaying For It

A modern day Cinderella story about a down on her luck barista who catches the eye of one of her millionaire customers.




A Willing Slave

This tale of erotic gamesmanship details what happens when a casual bet between friendly neighbors goes awry.



FionaLoveFiona Love

This love story centers on two strong willed celebrities with dynamite chemistry and a penchant for attracting trouble.



TBB_RuledEdge_300dpi_V3The Best Bite

A young adult story about a teenage witch and a teenage vampire who have to come into their powers and fall in love with an evil warlock hot on their trail.



THATH Cover ImageThe Hick and The Hippie

An erotic story of two reunited lovers whose passion for one another borders on painful obsession.




erotic romance BW/WM contemporary interracial fiction

The Siege of Sophie 

It’s not easy to open your heart to love after a bad relationship. Especially when that relationship led to unreasonable hardship. But if you do and it’s worth it? Wow.




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  1. Dear Sherrod!

    Just wondering when the next book after “Paying it Forward” is coming? Love your work and I’ve left reviews on Amazon for you! 5 star all the way!! 🙂

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