Revisiting an Old Friend

Whenever I want music and can’t think of anything specific, I always go back to this live performance of Justin Timberlake at Madison Square Garden. Whenever I write concert scenes I remember it, the joy on his face. He seems 100 percent in and genuinely happy to be there. No phoned in performance like you sometimes see when people are obviously tired of singing the same old songs. I wonder what he sounds like now…it would be nice if he shared that information – in a song. LOL


2 thoughts on “Revisiting an Old Friend

  1. Thanks for posting this! Awesome clip. I was lucky enough to see JT live (and for free!) around this time, he did seem happy to be there and he sung for real – good times. Great dancing too… Have you seen him live?

    • My pleasure! No, sadly I have not seen him live. I would love to though. He is an all around entertainer, personality, voice, he plays actual instruments and yes, the dancing! LOL I’d like to see Beyonce live too. They move me via YouTube. Live, I’d be like every other overcome fool in the audience. LOL

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