Snippet: Blue Demon

I’m sticking to my new snippet Friday post schedule. Here you go! In this snippet (unedited so no cracks!) from my IR romance about a rocker girl named Cass and Eyoen, the blue demon she falls in love with, our hero and heroine are in the hospital. This is a continuation of the last snippet, post incident – woooooooo – and we find Cass has an interesting skill with healing… This story is seriously running away with me ya’ll. I’m soooo enjoying these two.

…She walked into Eyoen’s hospital apologetic grin in place. “I’m sorry, baby. I laid my head down for a minute and –”

Rierdane was looking worried, and Eyoen was flushed with fever. When Rierdane stepped away, Eyoen’s human color faded into his natural blue, and she realized he could no longer hold it on his own.

“Not feelin’ too good, baby?”

He shook his head and chuffed out a shaky breath. “No, my dear. In fact, I’ve never felt worse in my life.”

Cass immediately filled a bowl with barely warm water and began to wipe him down with it. He shuddered, moving into the cloth.

“Thank you,” he whispered, sounding so grateful she scowled.

“You don’t have to thank me, lover. You should know by now that I’ll do anything for you. I’m just sorry I didn’t get here sooner to take care of you.” She shot Rierdane a look. “Next time, I don’t give a shit if I’m sleep you call and wake me up, got it?”

He nodded, wringing his hands.

“You could have done this for him,” she chastised the servant.

“Yes, but it’s not the cool water that’s making him feel better.”

Cass dumped the rag into the old water and moved away from the bed to get fresh when Eyoen cried out.

“No,” he rasped. “Don’t, leave me,” he begged.

Cass shoved the bowl at Rierdane and rushed back to him. “I’m not going anywhere, lover. I’m right here.”

He shuddered, but seemed to breathe easier once her hand was touching his brow.

A moment later Rierdane set fresh water on the bed table, and she began to sponge him down again.

“It’s your touch, miss. That’s what’s making him feel better. This fever that’s got him, it eases in your presence.”

“I don’t get it.”

“Mated,” Eyoen whispered, arching into her touch as she soothed his neck with the cool cloth.

Rierdane nodded. “Yes, I’m afraid you are. Or at least the bonding process has already started.”

“He mentioned something about that to me once,” she admitted. “We never got far into it. Tell me what it means exactly.”

“When two demons, er, people mate on Cyanus, it means your life forces mingle. It may be why you slept so long once you left him. He’s run down, so you would be too. I suppose because his system is already compromised, his symptoms took the form of the fever.”

“Fevers are common with this type of injury.”

“For humans,” Rierdane told her. “Not demons. This type of injury is practically unheard of on the star.”

“Keep going.”

“Well, when your life forces mingle you begin to share each others’ characteristics.”

“You mean he can sing and play the guitar now?”

“Not exactly. But he will know more about music, his affinity for it will grow. As the connection between you strengthens he may be able to read music or pick up how to play an instrument more quickly.”

“He’s already super fast at learning new things,” she pointed out, thinking of him driving and doing so many other things around the house that he’d had no experience with previously.

“True. I don’t think I’m explaining this very well. Let me try again. Because you two are now connected, you will grow in magic. It may not be as instinctive, since you have no history or experience with it, but if you were in danger, say, the magic might come forth whether you willed it thus or not, to ensure your safety because that is his wish. You might be able to run faster, your body will be stronger, you might temporarily take on his skin tone, his eye color, all because these are things that a predator would recognize and fear. The reverse is also true. If he is in a situation where you have knowledge that would help him, he could in essence siphon the information from your mind.”

“OK,” she said slowly. “That doesn’t sound so bad. It doesn’t even sound all that intrusive or strange. It’s like a steroids version of couples intuition or something.”

Rierdane nodded enthusiastically. “Yes, miss. Intuition is a part of it.”

“But what can I do to make him heal? If we’re connected as you say, there’s got to be something I can do to speed the healing, right?”

Rierdane looked uncomfortable.

“Come on, man. Spit it out,” she said impatiently. “He’s burning up. This is no time for the cat to get your tongue.”

“Well,” he said slowly.

Cass’ eyes narrowed. She was starting to get pissed. If there was something she could do to help Eyoen, why didn’t he just tell her? Surely he knew if it was within her power, it was no – wait a minute.

“It’s sexual. I can help him sexually, and it will help him to heal physically.”

Rierdane let out a relieved sigh. “Yes, miss. You are intuitive indeed. I shall leave the room and return when you call for me.”

And he vanished.

Cass blinked at the spot where he had been standing, then shrugged and looked back at Eyoen, who lay listlessly, eyes closed, mouth open, looking weak and helpless and completely unlike himself. She hated seeing him like this. This strong man, no, this strong demon, was not supposed to look this way.

And people did stuff like this. Had sex while they had fevers. She’d fucked Lee once while he had a really bad cold. He’d sworn he felt like a new man the next day. Then he’d gone down for over a week with some virulent strain of flu. Probably not the best example.

Gently she pushed the covers to the bottom of the bed. Eyoen seemed relieved to be free of their weight. Surely this wouldn’t hurt him. Rierdane never would have suggested it otherwise. She knew how much he loved Eyoen. He’d been with him since he was a child. He was a close consort to his father, the King.

“Poor darling,” she whispered, stroking her hands up over his bare legs as she pushed the hospital gown out of the way.

The white printed cotton looked ridiculous against his blue skin and muscular limbs so gently she removed it, moving him this way and that until he lay nude before her.

“Thank you,” he whispered, but didn’t open his eyes.

“Stop thanking me, silly.” She said, smiling as he turned toward her touch and snuggled more comfortably into the bed. She continued to touch him, stroking him, marveling at his smooth hairless skin. He was hot still, hotter than usual with the fever on him. She watched cautiously to see if her touch irritated him, but he seemed to like it.

He seemed to grow calmer. He shivered once or twice, but it seemed to be from pleasure, not cold. She caressed him more firmly, fingers closing as far as they could around the firm muscles, digging in to massage.

“I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing,” she confessed to his drowsing form.

His eyes slitted open the barest fraction, and she saw a hint of a smile dust his lips. “Making me feel better,” he whispered.

“Yes,” she agreed. “I’m going to make you feel better.” But how? Rierdane hadn’t given her any instructions before he broke out. Considering how uncomfortable he’d been before he left, she’d just assumed – rightly so as it turned out – that part of her ability to heal must be tied to sex. Sex meant body parts meeting, orgasms and –

“That’s it,” she breathed. “I need to make you come. Maybe that will give your magic a little boost, huh?”

He sighed as if in agreement, moving easily when she pressed against his shoulders, moving him from his side to his back and spreading his legs open as wide as they could comfortably go…


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