Tough Love

I am sooo in love with Scandal. I’ve seen every – released – episode, ordered the first season on DVD, tweeted about it, now I’ve blogged about it, I’ve gushed about it in conversation, watched interviews, everything. And I don’t just love this series because at its heart is an interracial love story. I won’t lie, though, the fact that the white President of the United States is madly, passionately, utterly in love with a black woman is a HUGE bonus LOL. I love this series because of the writing. The chemistry. The characters. Olivia is strong, brilliant, vulnerable, kind, full of integrity and so elegant. She’s feminine and complex, I think she may be the most fabulously well rounded Black female character I’ve ever seen depicted on screen. I love this series because of its heart. The love between these two characters is palpable. It’s not just sex. It’s blood calling to blood, the passion, the need, is marrow deep. He let her touch the frickin’ constitution, for pete’s sake! As flawed as they are, as incapable of resisting each other as they are even when it’s not right (though that is debatable) you can’t help but root for them to be together. Shonda Rimes, thank you. This is a love story for our generation.


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