Old School Romance

I’ve almost finished decorating my office. Paintings have been hung, shelves assembled and books lovingly placed on them. That alone is a feat worth celebrating. Some of my poor books have been languishing in crates for YEARS. It’s shameful, really. But now every book has been displayed, and I’ve been happily rereading some of my old Harlequin Presents.

There’s something about this type of romance I love. I know it’s formula romance, and I don’t care. It’s a fabulous formula, although I confess sometimes I do wish the heroines weren’t quite so accommodating. Heroes, even those suffering the horrid fires of real love and all its associated insecurites for the first time in their alpha male lives occasionally need to have their handsome heads cracked a time or two. Keeps things in perspective, I think. It would also keep the poor heroines from feeling quite so down trodden, as did the lovely Alice in Lord and Master by Joanna Mansell. Lord&Master

But that’s where I come in. *winks* In addition to getting the homestead together, I’ve also been cleaning up some of my earlier books. Fixing formatting and what not, and I plan to reupload the cleaner versions in short order. I’ll let you know as they’re available. Thank you Kindle for all of those nifty editing tools! My best selling book The Hick and The Hippie I spent a good bit of yesterday working on. Some have complained that the ending was too abrupt, so I’m fleshing it out a bit. It’s fun to revisit the characters. They’re like old friends in a way, and by adding to their story, I’m kind of, expanding our friendship, I guess.

So wonderful readers, I hear and obey! Stay tuned.


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