Spring Cleaning – Literary Style

So it’s that time of the year. In between praying for sun – Chicago weather would try to patience of a saint – I’ve been cleaning closets, organizing, throwing things out, donating, you name it. I’ve also been cleaning up my writing, specifically correcting minor issues on old projects.

Formatting mostly, but on The Hick and The Hippie some readers complained the ending was too abrupt. I could see that, sort of, so I obliged by adding a bit to flesh things out. I should have a freshly spruced A Willing Slave up by EOB tomorrow.THATH Cover Image

It felt good to revisit those old stories, and to correct those little boo boos that might inhibit one of my readers storytelling enjoyment. The characters are familiar, but it’s been so long since I worked on them, either I’m different, or they are, or something, but I can certainly see how my writing style has changed.

The Hick and The Hippie and A Willing Slave are totally erotic tales. The stuff I’m working on now is still very sexy, but I’m experimenting with other writing tools, plots and whatnot.

It’s interesting, looking back I mean. Those books were my official start. I’m proud of them. The Hick and The Hippie remains my bestselling novel to date.

I’m looking forward to seeing what more I can do. Meanwhile, next new-old project Fiona Love clean up. Stay tuned…


9 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning – Literary Style

  1. Could you clarify something please? Does this mean if a reader purchased an earlier version on Amazon.com, I would have to re-purchase the new edition?

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