Snippet Friday: #romance #erotica #paranormal

Hey ya’ll. Here’s a taste from my paranormal tale about a blue demon and a rocker named Cass. In this snippet Eyoen, my demon, has been granted permission to travel to Earth to woo our heroine…I’m nearing the end of the editing stage. But this is the hard part for me. Letting go…

“What’s she doing now?”

The prince looked absurdly childish lying on a fur on his belly, his strong chin propped on two large hands. His robes hid a tall, impressive body, but emphasized the wide cast of his broad shoulders. The veneer of childishness was enhanced by the way he stared into his Owe crystal for hours, completely absorbed by otherworldly happenings involving his favorite Earth celebrity, Cassidy Dodge.

“Being interviewed by the box people.”

“More TV, sir?”

“Yes, the box people really love her.”

“TV,” his servant corrected gently.

Eyoen nodded, absently opening his mouth to receive one of the pink strita berries a female servant waited patiently to place on his tongue as another woman brushed a thick lock of shiny black hair out of his eye. She’d done the same thing every few minutes for hours and showed no sign of impatience for her repetitive task. Why should she? It was an honor to serve the prince in any capacity he might require.

“I have news, sir.”

“Can it not wait, Rierdane?”

“Of course, sire, but it concerns your request to visit Earth.”

Eyoen turned so quickly, the servant tumbled to the carpet, berries flying in every direction.

To her credit, the female said not a word, merely picked herself up, bowed and helped the other female scoop up the mess before they scuttled out under Rierdane’s laser glare of disapproval.

Eyoen was on his feet, one hand waving at the TV broadcast he was watching to halt it mid word.

“Well?” He put both hands on the shorter man’s shoulders. “What does he say?”

“After much debate, the King has agreed that you may go and view this female you’ve found more closely. Under two conditions.”

Eyoen blinked impatiently, gold eyes flashing as his scowl warned his faithful retainer not to string him along farther.

“You must bring back three lessons to share with the Council.”

Eyoen smiled so big, Rierdane thought emotion might split the prince’s face in two.

“And, you must find a host.”

The grin fell from his face as though pushed.

Gods take him straight to the frigid underworld! He should have known his father would find a clever way to throw a spanner into the works. To find a host meant he had to take over a human’s body. He’d be bound by most of the physics of the land, which meant he’d be vulnerable. His natural defenses would be stifled, his strength constrained by his human body. Even the thought of it made him nervous.

Earth was such a primitive place. In the city of Chicago – the equivalent of a small village on the star – where he wanted to go, there was no royal family. Everyone was considered – he shook his head at the oddity – equal. He’d be completely alone, in a strange, weaker body.

“We’re wanted in the throne room,” Rierdane said now, and Eyoen rose obediently and donned a suitable robe to meet his father.

“I know you think this is your lucky day,” his father said, watching the thoughts flow across his youngest cubs’ face. “But I’m sending you there as a punishment. You’ll have to take care of yourself, by yourself, apart from Rierdane.”

The valet shimmered into the room at the sound of his name.

“And him you will have in an advisory capacity only,” his sire said darkly. “You will learn how to get along and do things on your own. Chicago has something called values,” the King paused.

“Midwestern,” Rierdane whispered.

“Midwestern values. They’re similar to our laws, unspoken, but fairly binding. You shouldn’t have trouble fitting in. We’ll find you a white host as they are often tall and share our facial features. Humans are not a tall people, traditionally, nor are they of our skin.”

White! White was the color of poverty on Cyanus. And even then it wasn’t really white, merely a pale, almost translucent blue. He did recall seeing a lot of white people in his crystal.

“In Chicago, most of the people in power are white, though they have many shades there to choose from.” His sire sighed. “I hope you’re back in time for the solstice, my son.”

Eyoen sucked in a shocked breath. The solstice celebration was more than six months away in human time. Would he need that long to woo Cass and convince her to leave Earth and come back to his star? Surely not.

His father lectured him for a few more minutes, the importance of making a good show, to behave with propriety and – here Eyoen swallowed nervously – of the criticality that he not hurt anyone. He agreed with all demands.  

Back in his apartment, Eyoen eyed his valet. Rierdane was talking his new role as advisor very seriously. Eyoen felt like he was back in the schoolroom. The servant hadn’t stopped talking since they left the throne room.

“You’ll have $5,000 per week spending money.”

“How much is that in Cyani coin?” Eyoen asked.

“About 50 credits.”

Eyoen shuddered; it was a pitiful amount. It appeared his father did indeed want to punish him, sending him to another land a pauper!


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