@Beyonce is too sexy? What was she before? #Beyonce

I was so hyped when I learned Friday that Beyoncé had dropped a new album. I was actually pissed it came out on iTunes cuz I don’t get down like that. But I am prepared to wait semi patiently for the CD. She keep it gangsta – made such a huge splash with no promotion, not to mention dropping 17 video snippets at once…I knew she was being awful quiet…But then I saw this article on EURweb that got on my nerves. Beyonce

Apparently there are quite a few folk up in arms that Bey is being too explicit…*scratches head and looks confused*…and is apparently exploiting poor Blue Ivy who had a lil cameo in a snippet. In one tweet someone actually tried to slut shame her, talking about, Beyonce is a role model, and how can she do this… Thhhphhthttth!!!

Beyoncé is an artist. She’s also a grown ass woman, with a husband and a baby. Why does being sexy equate to not being a role model? Beyoncé is a film star, a designer, an entrepreneur, a brand killing, big sponsor having beauty with a unique and fabulous voice who can dance her ass off. She’s also married, with a child, in that order. What exactly is not to like?

Does it then follow that I can’t be a role model because I write sexy books? It’s bullshit. These people act like being sexy is something new for Beyoncé…we’re talking about Beyoncé. She who wrote a song about her booty and subsequently added a word to the dictionary. She who is fond of silk screens and back lights, banana skirts and writhing on sand and plush fur rugs. Come on. Are these so called critics even familiar with her work? Sexy for her ain’t new.

And to automatically jump to the conclusion that she’s exploiting her child because she has the baby with her while she’s working…*crickets chirping in the silence* yeah. Try again, kids.

Beyonce2To compare her to Rihanna…I did get a Rihanna vibe from one of the snippets, but I figure when we see the rest of it, that’s all it will be, a vibe. I fully expect Bey to take things on up the road to their naturally lofty, extremely sexy conclusion. And what’s so bad about Rihanna anyway? She ain’t no punk success wise either. She’s more human, and she’s made some questionable choices, but she also seems like the started from the bottom type too.

I’m proud of Beyoncé. For being a great singer, a business mogul, a beauty, and an artist who has the courageous to stretch herself beyond what may make others uncomfortable. That takes a lot of guts. I’m looking forward to seeing what she means by visual video. But tech savvy or no? Next time release the CD too. Some of us are still not interested in iTunes.


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