Snippet: Margot and Nori #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. Here’s an unedited snippet from my upcoming book featuring Margot and Nori. He has totally captured my heart. How often do you find a hero who’s the perfect mix of vulnerable and strong, fearless and fearful. Usually, it’s the heroine who fits that description, but Nori is a G! It’s a sex scene, so if you’re not of age, click away, nosy! I chose this bit because I tweeted out a few lines, and folks were favorite-ing so I figure I must be on to something. I hope it conveys a sense of urgency, of desperation almost. Lemme know what you think. As always, I thank you for reading and look forward to your comments. Best, SS…

“How’s the collection coming?”

“Fine. I’ll have six pieces by the end of next week as agreed.”

He nodded slowly. Wait. She was taking off her clothes!

“What are you doing?”

“Well, I figured you wanted some pussy.”

“What?” he asked, scowling but attentive as she removed one earring and then the other.

“Pu-ssy,” she enunciated. “Isn’t that why you’re here?”

She walked toward him, tugging the rings from her long fingers.

“Come on, now,” she coaxed softly, retrieving a hair band from her wrist to ball her long hair on top of her head. “I know you didn’t come to eat my cheap ass lunch.”

Nori stared. Was she for real? Was it going to be this easy?

“Lunch was good,” he said, walking toward her. “But I suspect you’ll taste quite a bit better.” And she did.

He yanked her into his arms. Part of him was pissed that she’d given him what he wanted with no effort. The other part was cock poundingly happy that he now had what he wanted – her – within his grasp. She smelled good, like woman, and outdoors, and something slightly metallic. It must be the dust from the materials she worked with, residue from her shaping the stones and beads and mysterious hunks of shiny whatever it was she’d been holding when he arrived. Who knew dust could be delicious, he thought, running his lips down the side of her throat. He nipped lightly when he reached her collar bone, his cock jumping with pleasure when she squeezed him hard.

“Do you often work when you’re drunk?”

“Why?” Her hands went to his shirt buttons. She had it off his shoulders before he’d finished kicking his pants loose. “You worried about me chopping off a finger?”

“Ummmm.” It wasn’t much, but he could barely put that sorry ass response out; the feel of her stroking his body threatened to turn off thought all together. She was licking his nipples, he shuddered. “That’s not funny,” he rasped, wanting to glare at her, but his bloody eyes wouldn’t open.

“No,” she whispered, sucking hard on the side of his neck. “It wouldn’t be cute trying to sell jewelry from a maimed designer.”

My God, her mouth, he thought, groaning as he began to yank her out of her clothes. Two pulls and her shirt was gone, her strapless bra was black and lacy and beautiful, and “take it off right now or I shred it.”

She did, shimmying out of it and tossing it aside.

“If I touch you I may completely lose my shit,” he confessed, swallowing as he looked at her gently swaying breasts, her slender frame momentarily balanced on one foot as she finished undressing.

The hair over her pussy was very short, like a shadow. His mouth watered again. He licked his lips as she walked into his arms. Soon, soon… He buried his face in her neck, his hands roaming lavishly all over her back and bottom as he walked her back toward the bed. He landed on top of her with a soft whump, and immediately squeezed and ground himself against her.

“I want to fuck the shit out of you. I’ve gotta calm down,” he leaned away, moved as though to break their bodies apart.

She stopped moving, lay flat on the bed, and he instantly took advantage by pressing full body against her.

“You feel so good,” he whispered. “So perfect,” He rolled them onto their sides and then he kissed her.

He moaned at her taste. It felt like forever not days since he’d had her on his tongue. Her flavor was complex, and his tongue stroked deep and slow as he tried to figure it out.

“Take your hair down,” he whispered, and went back in for some more, already longing for the long strands to tease his heated skin.

He wanted to pull it, to have it wrapped around his hands, rub it on his face, have it tangle around their bodies as they tore up the bed. He pulled back to watch as his hands clenched and unclenched around her waist. She made a seductive meal out of taking down her bun, slender arms framing her lovely face like soft ropes. He thrust both hands in immediately. It was like silk. The curls wound themselves around his fingers the way he wanted her to wind herself around him.

They slid together easily, like they weren’t strangers. Like they had a history. A soft sexy one full of lush, sweat soaked memories, and he sent up a quick prayer that the thought wasn’t solely desire but also a portent for their future.

She fit herself into the planes of his body like a little creature looking to nest. Legs around his hips, arms around his neck, cheek rubbing against his, breath rasping at his ear.

He shuddered, one hand grabbing the back of her neck. He pulled her back so he could look into her face. Slow-eyed, full lips parted and damp from his, she looked ready and so unbearably sexy he worried that when he got inside her he wouldn’t last a minute.

“Shit,” he whispered, anxiety audible as he rubbed their noses.

She laughed as if to say, you’re alright, and something in his belly lightened as he laughed back. But that little bit of humor did nothing to cool his ardor.

“I don’t have anything with me.”

She broke away and he watched as she crawled across the bed to the nightstand. He couldn’t resist tracing the long line from waist to knee – Jesus, those legs were long; he could barely wait to have them wrap him like gift paper – as she moved away. She pulled a condom from a box, then stopped to check the label. He grinned when she muttered a date six months in the future and he realized she was checking the expiration date.

“Get two.”

She grinned at him over her shoulder and obligingly went back for another. She tossed them to land in front of him on the bed. Then she sat back, knees sprawled wide. She leaned against the headboard and waited.

It took him perhaps a third of a second to reach her, and she squealed with laughter when he yanked her to him by the ankle. She was still chuckling when he settled between her thighs and bound her wrists in one hand above her head.

She smiled up at him, eyes sparkling as he looked her over. Tumbled black hair, lush red lips, plump and damp from his kisses, dewy brown skin everywhere, thank all that was everything. She was stunning. He was going to fuck her until one of them passed out, and he was praying it was him…


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