Snippet: Sophie and Lado #erotic #romance #fiction #ratedR #amwriting

I know ya’ll are fired up about Charles and Tunie, but that story ain’t goin’ right, right now. I gotta think of some really foul ish to get the starch out of Charles, and I need some drama to bring out some fire in Tunie – external shenanigans, mayhap? Nothing like some bad ass side characters to pop in, wreak havoc and pop out. I dunno, but meantime I’ve been distracted by some friends of Margot and Nori, Sophie and Lado. Their passion has been on my mind for days. I swear, the way I hop from story to story if I was a man, someone would call me a playboy. *winks*

But take a look at what’s happening between them in this unedited snippet. And I promise, for the next few weeks it’s Charles and Tunie with a will! I’m gonna finish that story, and I’m predicting *peers into crystal ball* it will knock your collective socks off. Just have a little patience with me. Ya’ll know I love drama and action. I can’t give you a story that doesn’t have both in spades. Oh, and sex. Gotta keep it sexy. After all, what kind of romance doesn’t have the heat?

A little back story on Sophie and Lado. She is a writer. Once a big time children’s author, her inspiration dried up after her mother’s terminal illness and eventual death. The end to a bad relationship doesn’t help, nor do money worries. Belt tightening, house/taxes threatening money worries. Now a freelance writer to make ends meet, she does a story on Lado’s law firm and it’s lack of diversity. At the time she doesn’t know he’s Nori’s best friend. He badgers and she agrees to do a follow up piece. But after the piece is finished he doesn’t go away. He takes her on as his next project and all sorts of luscious hijinx ensue.

Like with Margot and Nori Tommy makes her presence known, and I’m hinting heavily at the romance-drama of the century when I give ya’ll her and Dom’s story. Tommy has turned into the perfect character, strong willed, hilarious. She’s like the big mouth best friend we all have and love to hate. But, enjoy Sophie and Lado. And don’t forget to tell me what you think…

“My answer is no.”

“I don’t accept it.”

“You have to,” she said, pulling away she made for the kitchen. She was gasping for a drink, and she needed the little distance she got with her back to him at the sink. “As interesting as it sounds, I can’t let you run me.”

“Why not?”

“Because I don’t trust you,” she said simply, looking at him over her shoulder.

They stared into each others’ eyes, and for the first time he dropped his first. He looked at her again immediately. “You will.”

She smiled and shook her head. She straightened and put down her empty glass. “No.”

Lado just laughed. The sound made her long to be back in his arms, his mouth plundering hers. “Care to make a small wager on that?”

Sophie barked out her own laugh. “No! I’m broke enough without gambling. What the hell’s wrong with you? You said you wanted to fix my life not lead me astray.”

He rolled his eyes at her. “Dramatics.”


He grabbed her again when she tried to move past him.

“Lado.” She pushed against him, and felt her tummy flip when she couldn’t budge him an ounce.

“Just a little bit more,” he whispered, those big hands clenching on her hips before they migrated to her back to pull her close for his kiss.

A little bit more, she thought, before she sank.

Kissing Lado was like jumping into a pool. At first the water was a little cold, making shivers break out all over your body. But once you were in it was warm. Sophie had the warm part down. The shock of submersion had faded. She’d quickly grown used to his touch, to crave it. However, she was not a strong swimmer. Thus, in keeping this analogy alive, it made sense that she was working extremely hard just to stay afloat.

Lado wondered if she realized she was moaning. He wasn’t going to tell her if she didn’t. She might stop, and they were the most delectable little sounds. Small, delicate, and oh, so feminine, they said clearer than any words how good he was making her feel, and that made him feel fucking amazing. He gave her his own groan.

His cock felt like it was strangling in his pants, and his balls were so sensitive he wanted to rip off his clothes. He rubbed himself against her, and felt his heart jump when she immediately opened herself and rubbed back. She was so responsive, so warm, so passionate. Everywhere they touched he wanted to bite. To reward her, to punish her, he wasn’t sure, but he wanted more.

He wanted to roll her onto the floor, strip off her clothes and use them to tie her hands to the nearest hard surface. She’d be a little scared. Just a little. He’d coax most of the fear away with his kisses, by stroking her little body until she forgot she was his prisoner. That little body of hers, so small and dainty, its curves so slight and delicate. It would take him a good hour to investigate every patch of skin, every beating vein, every bead of sweat. The room would have to be warm. He’d need her comfortable, loose, no chills could be allowed to infringe on her comfort or his mission.

Not that everything was full steam ahead. He planned to get her into bed as soon as possible, but he wasn’t hell bent on fucking her. Part of the fun with Sophie was the build.

Kissing her was like making out with his friends’ mother while he was visiting Ireland at 20. She’d been a lot of fun, thoroughly enjoying his need for foreplay, to cuddle and squeeze and stroke his tongue in lush kisses the way he would stroke his cock inside her later. But like that long ago lover, there was an edge of desperation in Sophie’s kiss. Like she knew what to do, but had never done it in quite this way before. Like she was eager but frightened of how good it felt. Like she would run, if only she could bear to break away from the feelings. Of course, if she ran he could chase her.

He smiled into their kiss, moaning as the sounds of their lips and tongues hit the air like a wave of heat, inciting him to pull her closer, to slant her head with a hand on her neck until she fit just right. She felt so hot, almost frantic, her control burned away by his hands clutching handfuls of her ass, his fingers rubbing her earlobes as his teeth nipped lightly at her lower lip.

Sophie was going to be his. Not just for a time, or even for awhile. She was going to be his for good. She just didn’t know it yet. He broke off their kiss, reveling in the sigh of disappointment she probably wasn’t even aware she’d made. He nuzzled her, feeling her pulse thump hard and fast against his lips, her breath warming his throat as she leaned weakly against him.

Don’t push, he warned himself, but he couldn’t resist kissing those soft tempting little lips one more time before he broke away…


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