Snippet: Charlie and Tunie #amwriting #erotic #romance #fiction

Hi y’all. This unedited snippet details Charlie and Tunie’s first time. Considering it’s the first time she lays down as a mistress, I think it came out kind of sweet. It hints at the nature of their future relationship. Though you know I’m gonna throw all kinds of bumps in the road. 🙂 Let me know what you think. – SS

…She watched as he went to a cabinet and pulled down a bottle of scotch and poured himself a splash. He took it to the window and looked out. It had been dark for an hour, but the stars and the city lights reflection on the lake dispelled any trace of gloom.

She joined him at the window. Don’t flinch, don’t flinch, don’t flinch, she told herself, knowing it was coming.

Yes! She crowed to herself when she accepted his arm around her neck without any nervous movement. First hurdle down, Lord knows how many to go. Truth told she was surprised this was his first move. It didn’t feel very sexy, and she could have sworn he was smelling her hair when he pulled her into his side and she felt that big hard body for the first time. She’d expected a hard kiss or to be ordered to strip, or something of the sort. Though in retrospect that wasn’t his style. He was too elegant for anything that obvious or crude. This, however, seemed almost, relaxed, which seemed out of character for him.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know you,” he whispered into her ear and she shivered.

Whoah, she thought, sucking in a quiet breath. Old Charlie was turning out to be a bundle of surprises. He was also much more seductive than she’d given him credit for. She’d been expecting someone much stiffer in keeping with his coffee shop persona, all perfectly tailored designer suits and investment company business cards, but he undoubtedly realized he’d get more honey from the comb if he applied the carrot rather than the stick. He was right.

Of course, he’d paid handsomely to make sure he was gonna get what he wanted whether he finessed her out of the drawls nice and easy, or came at it hard and fast. But him going about it this way suggested that he cared about her comfort, that he respected her as a person with feelings, and she was grateful. It made it a little bit easier to do what came next.

Slowly, cautiously she put her hand on his belly. It was hard and contracted at her touch. He brought his glass to his lips and drained it. He pulled her with him when he dropped it off on the counter, hustling her toward the bedroom so fast Tunie laughed.

Her laughter stopped as she watched him take in the lit candle and the turned down bed. He inhaled the scent of gardenia floating in the air, and that little smile came and went on his lush, but firmly held lips. She gasped when he picked her up and stood her on the bed in front of him. He wrapped his arms all the way around her body and pressed his hot face against her belly.

Yeah, old Charlie was one surprise after another. Tentatively she wove her fingers through his black hair. She’d admired its shine before, and now found it was a bit like doll hair, thick and silky. She felt the whoosh of his breath through her pjs, and when he looked up at her, some little devil inside her prompted her to – wink.

His look of shock brought a smile to her face, and he barked out a laugh before he stepped back and began to take off his clothes.

Tunie’s breath came fast and shallow, her heart beat fast and hard.

“Get in bed.”

She did, grateful he hadn’t asked her to take off her clothes in front of him. She didn’t have the courage for that, but she couldn’t help but watch as his long male body was revealed. He didn’t move fast or slow as he disrobed. But she suspected he was moving slower than he ordinarily might have to let her see what she was getting.

He was fine. Beautiful, really. She’d thought him handsome before, but now his masculinity was so powerful it was almost overwhelming. He seemed even taller without his clothes, cut and muscular but not too much so. There was no fat on his body anywhere, and his body hair was light and aside from a dusting on his arms and legs was mostly confined to a neat patch on his chest. He had long, strong looking legs, and he was hard beneath black silk boxers.

She looked away then, and buried her head beneath the covers.

She heard him laugh softly, and despite the shakes that were taking over her entire body, Tunie slid out of her pjs, tossing them out to land at his feet. She remained under the covers the whole time, and when he pulled the sheet back she closed her eyes.

She couldn’t help but jump when his warm hand pulled her across the big bed into his arms, but her heart thumped a little easier when she heard his laughing, “You’re adorable.”

He paused when he felt her tears. “Look at me.”

She shook her head, and he didn’t push her, but he seemed to gentle.

“Look at me,” he whispered again.

“Sorry,” she whispered, when she couldn’t stifle a sob. “I thought I had it together.”

He chuckled into her neck, large hands running over her back as he pulled her atop him. He squeezed her. “Don’t apologize for being decent, Tunie.”

She nodded, burying her face in his neck. She shuddered as he filled both hands with her butt.

“Are you ever going to look at me?” he teased.

It took several deep fortifying breaths before she would lift her face from the safety of his neck, and even then all she did was peek at him. He wore a gentle smile, and as soon as he saw her eyes he kissed her.

He didn’t give her his tongue immediately, it was just a warm, slightly open mouthed buss, but it sent chills through her body. She shuddered when she felt his tongue for the first time, and that movement seemed to unleash him.

He groaned and rolled until she lay beneath him, and the kiss turned lush and heated. He stroked her with his tongue like she was a new flavor of ice cream and he was the spoon, his hips rubbing against her all the while.

He didn’t comment on the tears that continued to fall as his lips investigated the contours of her face and ears, her neck and collarbone. His eyes gleamed beneath heavy lids as he looked at her before his lips opened and closed over her breast.

She shook as he laved her with his tongue before he closed his lips around the swell and began to suck. She shivered as his breath washed her chest on his way to the other breast, which he treated to the same warmth and leisurely suction.

He broke away and looked at her as he reached toward the night stand. He reached for a condom without breaking her stare, and this time Tunie didn’t hide her eyes. The tears continued to fall, but she smiled. It was small and shaky, but he gave her a kiss of appreciation. “You’ll be just fine with me,” he whispered, his hands almost worshipful as they stroked her…


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