Happy 4th of July Everyone! #freedom

Flag LipsI will write for freedom.

I love telling stories, especially stories about love. I think I may love writing slightly more than I love reading, and that’s saying something! But there’s something about pulling the ideas from my head and polishing them up and giving them to you that is so fucking satisfying. I guess in my own little way I’m trying to live forever.

I’m trying to create something lasting, something that will affect someone and perhaps, if I’m really really lucky, something that will live beyond me, maybe even forever. I need to. It won’t let go of me, the desire to write. Y’all know it ain’t easy, and I might like another obsession, but it’s just there, scratching at the back of my eyeballs like the rough end of a feather. Remember when they used to use feather tips as ink pens?

But enough. We have barbecues to attend and wine to drink, flags to wave and anthems to sing off key. I’m blessed to live in this grand country of ours, a country where anything is possible. Like a little black girl from Chicago writing about sex and love and having strangers from all over the world read her work. 🙂

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate you, dear readers.

God bless America. #willwriteforfreedom


One thought on “Happy 4th of July Everyone! #freedom

  1. As a fellow Chicagoian, I echo your sentiments and thank you for sharing your work with us. I love this country, I am grateful for the freedom we joy and forever indebted to those who risk their lives to keep us free.

    Keep writing and we’ll keep reading!!!

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