Snippet: Margot n Nori #writing #erotic #romance

Another unedited snippet for y’all. In this scene, Nori recently met our lovely heroine Margot and was immediately smitten. He stalked her to a photo shoot, and she gave him a kiss. That was all she wrote! lol Enjoy. – SS

That night at home, highball glass in hand, he looked out over the city and considered his next move. It had to be soon. He was so horny he could barely function. He’d barely done three hours’ worth of work today, him, an unabashed workaholic.

His staff were all familiar with his belief that work was good for you, providing you played as hard as you worked. But play was all he thought about lately. Margot was in his head constantly. Worse, he had no idea what to do about it.

Ordinarily he’d send flowers, a huge bouquet with a cleverly worded card. “Thinking of you endlessly,” was a favorite that usually worked quickly.

If that didn’t work he’d invite a woman to the store, have her pick something out. He’d go with and be attentive, perhaps loiter outside the changing room if she was interested in clothing rather than the jewelry case. Women liked that even more than flowers. It never failed to get him what he wanted, and fast. But he had a feeling if he suggested that with Margot she’d laugh in his face and dismiss him completely. And he certainly couldn’t take that risk.

This left him at a loss. For the first time since adolescence he actually considered asking another man for help. His father was a logical choice, but he knew better. God, why couldn’t he think straight? He was barely thinking at all. Not with his head, anyway.

And now he’d touched her. That one stellar, extremely thorough kiss was rolling back and forth in his thoughts on a loop. He felt like a woman, endlessly mooning about one moment like it held the keys to the bloody universe. It was a wonder he was still on his feet and not in a ball of fucking goo on the floor.

But God in heaven, she was like a walking, talking, banquet for sex. Lips like fruit, long legs the perfect entrée to loose himself in, round heavy tits likely sweeter than any dessert he might want, skin like the smoothest wine and just as potent. As soon as she gave him a chance he planned to lay her down and fucking gorge himself.

He needed to see her. Tomorrow. Mentally he ran over his day. There were two early morning meetings on his calendar, then he had to visit the Chicago manager of Ineffable. Profits were down for no good reason that he could see, and it needed to stop. It was their fucking headquarters for God’s sake. What the hell was the broad thinking? But maybe he’d swing by Tommy’s first. See who was around. He might be able to stumble upon a lick, as she liked to say.

He was up bright and early at the gym where he worked out for over an hour, trying to purge some of the energy roiling through his system. But his normal sanguine had deserted him. Almost as soon as he showered he felt out of sorts again. He had to force himself to sit at his desk and email until his first meeting. He managed, just, but the second his last meeting wrapped he headed out. Tommy was his first stop.

You at work, he texted.

Yeah, she answered. Come on by.

On my way. Want coffee?

Yeah, peace.

Nori grinned and held up a hand to hail a cab. Excellent.

Tommy drank the coffee like it was water.

“Thank God,” she rasped. “I had a headache like you would not believe. It’s already receding. I love caffeine.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m fuckin’ swamped, and I need to go by Margot’s.”

Perfect. It was just the opening he needed. Maybe too perfect. He’d better figure out sooner rather than later why she was making it so easy for him to fuck her friend. You never knew with Tommy. She’d be smiling beatifically one minute, and the next you’d find yourself bleeding, your foot caught in a trap. “Why? Is she okay?”

“Yeah. She okay.”

Nori wanted to shake her when Nia came in the room and she turned away.

“What is this?” She asked, accepting the storyboards her assistant offered.

“Willie brought them over. He said his email is acting crazy.”

“This is not what we talked about,” Tommy spat, flipping through them. “I’m gonna fucking act crazy if he doesn’t do what I say. Get his ass on the phone, now. Nori, I gotta go.”

His brows rose. Apparently he’d been dismissed.

“You look really busy. Why don’t I check on Margot for you.”

She eyed him. “Yeah? It could be ugly.”

He laughed. “Excuse me?”

She shrugged, dropping into her desk chair and spinning toward her laptop. “Sometimes people have a bad day for a reason,” she said cryptically.

And she’s gone, Nori thought as Tommy yelled for the phone right before Nia came rushing in with a cordless. But that was okay; he had one little artist to check on, and a store, something whispered.

Shit. Right. The store….


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