Snippet: Margot n Nori #amwriting #erotic #romance

Hey y’all. I think my writing style is changing. More action is creeping in. I like it. In this unedited snippet from my latest WIP, you’ll meet the story villain, one of them, anyway. George is Margot’s ex husband, and he’s having a bit of trouble letting go. Luckily, our Margot is something of a gangster, and for my fellow action/movie lovers, you all know gangsters run in packs. Her friends Reiko and Steele will be getting their own stories eventually. Enjoy! 

“Bitch, you must think you Olivia Pope pontificatin’ like this. Don’t nobody care what yo’ skinny, black ass want. You got one use, and one use only, and talkin’ ain’t it. Or does that honkey you conned like the sound of that scratchy ass voice of yours?”

Margot stared at him, then she too began to grin. Her grin grew as his morphed into a scowl. She walked toward him. For a moment it appeared as though he would back up, but then, as she knew he would, he stood his ground. When she was right in front of him, she slapped him with all her might. He staggered, and would have returned the blow but the distinctive click of a hammer going back stopped him.

“Ah, ah, Georgie,” said a cold eyed Steele.

“Yes, love,” said an even colder eyed Reiko, her stance identical to her friend’s, arm extended, gun comfortable, cocked and waiting. “We’re just talking now. No need for all that.”

George raised his hands and cocked his head. His body suggested peace, but his eyes told a different story.

Margot just shook her head. Once she’d thought that perpetual sparkle in his eyes was happiness, good humor. Now she knew it to be the twinkle of malice, and it was always there because George liked to hurt people. Correction, George liked to hurt women.

“You’re a piece of shit,” she said quietly. “Only a child would have been fooled by the bullshit lies you told me to get me to marry you. A child or a fool. But that’s water under the bridge, right? And I don’t like talking about the past. Which, my dear George, is all the more reason for me to cut ties with you.

“I gotta lot of shit going, George. A lot of shit, life changing shit. Shit that I couldn’t even explain to someone like you because you’re too simple minded and greedy to even understand. I know that because past behavior, they say, is a wonderful indicator of future behavior. And in the past, you’ve always been after my money. You took what little I had when we were together, and you’ve never stopped trying to get more from me since. I’ve never given you a dime, never even suggested that I might give you money, but you won’t give up. I suppose those tabloids that paid you to lie about me fucked your mind up, made you think of me as a cash cow when in reality, I’m more of a bull. A charging bull, and you were too stupid to get out of the way.”

The next blow drew blood.

He touched his split lip, looked at the red on his hand. “You’re gonna pay for that.”

“No,” she whispered, walking closer. She stopped when they were a hair’s breadth apart, and because he was only a few inches taller, they were almost looking eye to eye. “I’m not. But if you don’t get the message, you will, George. Because I’ll kill you.” She enjoyed the flash of emotion in his eyes, the impotence in every line of his body as he clenched useless fists and scowled so deep his thin lips disappeared completely.

“I’ll kill you, and me and my girls will bury your body in the forest preserve. Squirrels and rats and dogs will shit and piss on your corpse. And later, after you’ve been there for awhile, they’ll dig up your bones. Maybe they’ll even pull what’s left of you apart and run around with the pieces like chew toys until some hiker trips over your muddy hole in the ground, and gives that drunk mother of yours something to bury.”

Reiko laughed softly. “Let’s just do it, Goti. Why wait?”

“Yeah,” said Steele. “This dumb nigga ain’t gon’ do right. And I hate Indiana. The whole place is full of freaks and losers and inbreds. Why not just finish this? I don’t wanna come back here.”

Margot tilted her head back to look at her ex. “Well, George? Should I let my girls have their way? They’ll do it, you know,” she whispered, a gentle smile on her face as she began to walk around the room. “They’re killers,” she said softly, pausing to pick up an overdue bill for the lights. “Stone cold killers of men just like you.”

George swallowed audibly, sweat starting to bead on his brow and over his upper lip. “No. Ain’t no need for all this, Margot. You’re being dramatic, just like when we were married.”

Her head snapped up. She looked like a killer now. Glacial, stony, immovable.


George turned sharply, looked as though he might scream, but Steele dropped him before he could make a sound.

Steele hopped, flicking her hand a hand a few times. “Damn! That hurt so good.”

Reiko clapped, laughing. “Nice shot, Sugar Ray. You knocked this nigga out with one blow.”

Steele shrugged modestly. “I worked on that shot for years. Haven’t used it in awhile. Good to know I still got it.”

“Oh, you got it alright,” Margot laughed. “Now let’s tie this bitch up and take this conversation somewhere a little more private.”


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