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Hey y’all. I’ve been feeling really weird these past few days. First Mike Brown – no justice – then Eric Garner – no justice. I’ve been wondering what on earth can I do? How can I help my people, you know? For a hot moment I even felt bad for writing interracial romance, like I was being disloyal somehow. But then I realized, I am doing what I can to help. I’m doing me, the very best I can. And that means writing, not about color, per say, but how irrelevant it is when love is the stronger element.

Through my work, I show that color is nothing to be afraid of, that it’s normal, and that in the context of everyday living it’s not as important as life, liberty, the pursuit of pleasure. Love is what matters – yes, I am a bit of a hippie, and? – Color is a trait. A fabulous one that I hope the world at large comes to appreciate before I leave here.

Yikes! Deep.

So, I hope you enjoy this unedited snippet from my latest WIP, Ineffable. This one’s sexy, ‘cuz I know y’all like it like that. *winks* Ineffable will be released this month in time for the holiday! Love you, love someone else. Enjoy! – SS

“Hey,” she said, pulling a cart forward.

“Hey. Let me help you. I was coming down.”

“Thanks. Once I had the cart I was good. How are you?” she asked, following him into the kitchen.

“As soon as I put away these groceries I’m going to fuck you.”Ineffable

Her brows rose. “Yeah?”

“Okay,” and she turned and ran, pulling her clothes free.

She had just closed the shower when he opened it.


“Wait a minute,” she said, reaching for the soap as he reached between her legs.

“Top and tails,” he said softly, not minding the spray in his face as he watched her soap under her arms, her breasts, neck and face. Her little butt, lower back, hips and finally in between those slender pecan brown thighs got a brief wash before he shut it down.


“You don’t wanna wash my back?”

His eyes gleamed at her teasing, but he gave her an impatient look. “Out,” he insisted.

“Out,” she agreed, grinning as she stepped into the towel he held open. She stared into his eyes as he dried her, letting him see how his touch affected her.

“You want me.”

She nodded.

He started breathing through his mouth, nostrils flaring to get more air. “I need to be inside you.”

“Then do it,” she said, and the towel dropped.

Seeing her in all her glory was like getting a shot of adrenaline right in the cock. He wondered if there could ever be a time when she did not make his blood run hot. He rubbed his nose in her neck as he squeezed her. She always felt so good in his arms. No matter what happened while he was away, when he returned to her, he just felt good.

He didn’t even mind craving her so intensely because she never disappointed. He loved how she arched when he ran his hands all over her, how she couldn’t keep still. She was probably already damp in his favorite place, and not because of the quick wash. He reached to check, but she moved away.

He scowled to see that a joint and a fancy gold lighter, undoubtedly left on her bureau by that cretin Tommy, had distracted her.

“Will you marry me?” he asked only half joking in his bid to recapture her attention. He huffed irritably when she blocked his hand from its goal.

She leaned back to let him ogle her breasts while she hit the joint; she let it out good and slow. “Do you have good credit?”

Nori laughed, surprised. “Immaculate.”

“Do you want me to quit working?”


“Will you expect me to put all my money in with yours?”


“Will you want a prenup?”

“Yes. And so should you.”

“I do.”

He mentally exhaled in relief.

“Do you believe in monogamy?”

He grinned, sprawling back on the bed with his arms outstretched. “What do you think?”

“No prevaricating. Just answer straight out.”

“Yes. Absolutely. I will share you with no one, and you don’t have to worry about me cheating. Now, come here. Don’t make me get up and chase you.”

“Too bad. I like it when you chase me.” Obediently she put the joint down and climbed on top of him.

He laughed, suddenly ridiculously happy as he pulled her close. He sighed as he ran his hands over her butt, those extraordinary breasts swaying, his blood spiking as he squeezed, fingers open and hot as he investigated her thigh, the back of her knee, her calf, even her feet. “You do?”

She nodded.

His arms tightened like bands around her back as he devoured her mouth.

“I have three homes,” he said when he had to break away to breathe. “One here in Chicago. One in New York and my mother left me her Paris home when she died. Are you tingling,” he whispered, sucking hard on her neck.

She nodded fast.

“Tell me where. How does it feel?”

She hesitated.

“Don’t tease me,” he warned softly. “Answer.”

“Breasts, between my legs, my skin, my neck, lips. Please,” she turned into his kiss and moaned in relief and disappointment when he released her. She could breathe again, but, oh, wait. He pulled her close again. Everything was okay.

He ran big hands over everything she needed him to touch, everything he’d made tingle and pulse and ache for the rough caresses he now doled out so generously. She almost wanted to thank him, it felt so good to have him rub that hard cock between her legs while he rooted like a hungry child at her breast.

It took maybe two or three heated breaths before he got her on her back. Heels up, lost to anything but his rhythmically moving hips, the hand fulls of lean, churning ass she clutched close even as she arched, and ground herself against him until she came apart.

She knew he loved it, how things sped up right before, how rough she got, the bite of her fingertips in his shoulders or back, knowing she couldn’t control herself now, that she was wild and gasping underneath him.

“Fuck,” he whispered, shuddering hard as he came.

“So will you marry me?” he asked a few minutes later.

She waited to answer, just long enough to make him sweat.


Nori grinned. He had her…


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