Snippet Thursday: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Hey y’all. Here’s a lil’ unedited taste of Lucky and Lou for you. I’m having a lot of fun with them. Did I mention that Lou’s last relationship was with a woman? Well, you can read here that her ex was a bit of a demon on earth. Not like our handsome hero. Speaking of Lucky, I’m start to flesh out his realm. I love world building, it’s like, crack open my head! All sorts of nonsense is pouring out LOL. I hope you like it. – SS

She squeaked in surprise when he lifted her, turning her until they lay side by side. She didn’t object, but when he pulled her close and began to stroke her like his personal pet, she blinked in shock.

Where were the moves? The kisses? The intrusive male legs between hers, his attempt to get on top, to finagle his way inside her clothes? No, he just propped his chin on top of her head, clasped her to his chest like a teddy bear and stroked her, from the back of her head to her waist, over and over.

What did he smell like? Soap and late summer city wind and the most delicious hint of mint. Her eye lids drooped as she relaxed. She could practically feel her blood settling in her veins.

“You’re like a six foot tall heating pad, you know that?”

He laughed softly. “You like it.”

She rubbed her nose into his chest. Her hand felt very small against him. Even smaller when his bigger one came up to hold her when she would have lifted it away.

“No,” he whispered. “Touch me.”

“You’ll get worked up.”

“So? It doesn’t mean I expect anything. Except that you tell me about Liz.”

She sighed. “I was hoping you’d forgotten that.”


“What d’ya want to know, for heaven’s sake?”

“What was she like?”

“Tall, beautiful, emotional, crazy really, and not overly fond of taking her pills.”

“Manic depressive.”

“I see Potts has been indiscrete.”

“He doesn’t like her.”

“That’s an understatement. They loathed each other, actually. It was awkward at first. But after awhile I suppose they got used to each other,” she laughed softly, not realizing she’d shoved a hand beneath his shirt and was holding his hard, hot belly. “Got comfortable in their hatred at least. Once they both realized they had no choice they tolerated each other beautifully, for the most part.”

“He said she tried to get you to fire him. He was very indignant about the whole thing.”

Lou laughed. “She tried to get me to do a lot of things. I will never fire Potts. He’s my family.”

“Tell me about her.”

“God, you’re relentless!” She tried to get up, but he cuddled her, stopping her from moving and pulling her closer in one move. It was quite clever, really. Being able to cuddle and subdue at the same time.

“Then stop avoiding the question.”

“She was a bitch, alright? She was a wreck. Selfish, silly, terrible with money. She was also a cheat. I changed who I was for her, and she cheated on me. How do you like that? Then she had the cheek to say, what did I care? I was itching to get back to men, anyway, right?”

“Was it true?”

“No. I wasn’t itching to get back to anyone. I just wanted to get away from her. I needed some bloody peace. I was tired of all the drama. It was exhausting. I could barely think. I couldn’t work. She sucked away all my energy and attention. She really wasn’t a restful person.”

“It got to be too much.”

“Yeah,” she admitted. “She liked to throw tantrums, scream, yell, once she even knocked me down. Easy there,” she laughed softly when he tensed. “Don’t you worry. I slapped the taste out of her mouth. I’ve never moved that fast in my life. I bounced off that floor like my butt had springs and swung like I was Derek Jeter at Yankee Stadium.”

He chuckled. “Good. I glad you got her back. She should never have put her hands on you.”

“The next time she did I told her to fuck off, permanently. Crazy is one thing. Violent is something else.”

“Do you still talk to her?”

“She calls every now and then. I don’t answer.”

“She wants you back.”

She laughed softly. “Are you sure? I think she just misses her punching bag.”

“Of course she does, and I will never let her touch you again.”

She turned and looked up into those startling gold eyes. “Why of course? And what’s it got to do with you?”

He snuggled her closer and she instinctively fit herself into his body. She was now a human puzzle piece with magnetized skin and a fetish for banked, male body heat.

“You are trying to sound belligerent, but I hear your curiosity. You are still a bit wounded from this virago, and you don’t want to sleep with me because you think I’ll stop working. I won’t, but I don’t expect you to believe me. Not yet.”

She hurrumphed, trying not to be impressed with him and failing utterly. Now would have been the perfect time for him to make a move. She’d already softened nicely. But he made no move to touch her breasts or butt, to reach between her legs, despite their current split over the top of his. He just held on. Like she was precious.

“I do want to lay with you. I know it will be good. But I am in no rush. I’m going to wait until you’re sure of me. I don’t want any doubts in the bed with us. You’re special,” he whispered into her hair.

She wondered if he could read her mind. “Am I, then?”

“Oh, yes.” There went that big hand again, stroking. She was practically yawning. Actually, she was yawning.

He laughed softly. “Nap.”

“Nap,” she scoffed. “What am I, a three year old?”


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