Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Jungle2One of my favorite things about writing paranormal romance is the world building. Nothing is off limits, as long as it makes sense for the story. In this unedited snippet, please enjoy a glimpse into Natoroi, Lucky’s ancestral home. Lou is a big hit with the locals. 

“My Lou? Where are you?”


“Where?” Lucky laughed.

“Here! Under this pile of alien shorties!”

Several toddlers and small children giggled, rising gently as she shifted underneath them.

Lucky picked up the nearest child and peered down into her happy face. “They love you.”

She laughed, accepting his hand up as the kids scattered. It was apparent she loved them too. “Bloody kids. They’re after me constantly, following me around like Pied fucking Piper.”

Lucky shook his head at her. “If you’re trying to sound angry, you don’t, my Lou.” He pulled her into his arms, her feet leaving the ground as he kissed her. “You sound very happy.”

Wrapping her arms around his neck, Lou laughed softly, thinking back over all the wonderful time she’d spent so far in this place, in his arms. She’d never really known what exactly people meant when they said, “I feel so blessed.” She did now. She felt blessed. As much by the pleasure of her breasts rubbing against his bare green chest as she did by the silky warmth of the pink sun at her back.

Natoroi, it seemed, was all about blessings and about pleasure. The environment, the people, the vibe of the place sang of feeling. The people gave and received affection as easily as they breathed, and the air was crystal clear and free of pollutants thanks to the plethora of greenery and a marked lack of environmental irritants like cars or buildings. Everything was completely organic, but somehow nothing was primitive.

For instance, Potts concern when Lucky told him there was no designated hospital was easily mitigated when they were given a tour of the healing chamber, a room literally built of and filled with flowers and plants. The chamber smelled so good, Lucky said many demons claimed they felt better just standing in the doorway inhaling. The walls were brilliantly colored and soft with flower petals that grew however and wherever they liked. Each wall, however, was a different color palette as designated by its healing qualities.

The red, filled with lush poppies and blood tipped flowers that resembled lilies, cured digestive ailments. The afflicted plucked flowers, crushed them in a pestle and mortar, added various unjunts, drank down the resulting brew and in short order was cured.

The blue eased pain. Its flowers ran the gamut of colors from navy to a blue so pale it was nearly white, each with a different purpose. The flowers and some of the stems were decanted like wine. Depending on the severity of the pain, different vintages were uncorked and consumed or poured onto clothes which were then wrapped around the body part in question.

Lou’s favorite medical marvel was housed in a smaller chamber off the main. No bigger than a closet, if that, she’d balked when Lucky suggested she walk in.

“There’s no room!” The flowers, these brilliant pinks and purples with various greens, were so thick she couldn’t see how anyone could enter at all. It was literally a wall of flowers. Or it appeared that way. It was both beautiful and claustrophobic, but out of respect for alien medicine she kept that thought behind her teeth.

Lucky walked in first, disappearing into what looked like a giant bouquet, only to emerge a minute later with whiter than white eyes and teeth, gleaming skin, nails and hair, smelling mintier than ever. Apparently the flowers cleansed and conditioned everything they touched, detoxifying thoroughly and sensitizing, since they removed everything unnecessary for the body to function properly.

“Good God,” she whispering as she eyed him up and down. “You were beautiful before, but now you’re absolutely luminous now.” She laughed when his broad shoulders went back a hair more, his perfect posture straightening until he looked every bit the demon prince standing there.

“Will you go in now?”

“Alright, alright. But I must ask this first. What on earth did the flowers manage to find in your uber healthy body to remove?”


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