Snippet: Lou n Lucky #amwriting #erotic #paranormal #romance

Man. It’s getting hard to find snippets because I don’t want to give any of the surprises away. In fact, I just realized that last post was a repeat – sorry! To make up for it, this unedited snippet is twice as long as usual. I’m gonna release How to Love a Green Demon in August. Meantime, enjoy. – SS

HTLAGDHe never missed a patch of skin, never missed a spot, finding without error that slightly rough patch inside her that drove her out of her mind. Thinking wasn’t even possible. Panting, yes, grunting yes, moaning, absolutely, scratching her short nails over his broad green back, certainly. Thought, no. To think would have been disrespectful.

Loving like theirs deserved one’s full attention, anything less would be like spitting in God’s face. Lucky’s touch was like being kissed by a sunbeam, stroked by velvet, eating the perfect scone and lemon curd and getting a fat ass direct deposit, all at the same bloody time.

He could sense exactly where on her body to touch to elicit just the response he wanted, and he only wanted one thing – to turn her into a heaving, slobbering mess. One who threw her hips at him like a mechanized piston, arched her back and thrust her tits out so he could watch them bounce on her chest as he pounded her into whatever surface she happened to be on. Ground, pallet, a thick carpet of flowers, he could care less. His goal was simple – to hear her scream out his name.

“Do you know when I knew I loved you?”

He looked at her, shocked. “You want to talk?”

Lou laughed softly, caressing the head attached to the lips that sucked the side of her neck.

“Maybe. That okay?”

He sighed as though martyred and went limp, smooshing her into the bed as punishment for stopping their lovemaking.

She oomphed. “Come on. It’s the third round. Give us a minute. And you know bloody well you’re way too heavy for this!” She thumped him lightly on the back.

He levered himself up enough to let her get air, but not enough to separate their loins. He leaned down, bit the curve where her neck joined her shoulder. “Talk.”


He bit her again, harder this time, since the last one hadn’t actually hurt.

“I knew I loved you when an ex-lover called.”

He looked at her again. Now she had his full attention.

“It was the day after we’d first made love. I didn’t know what to think, or how to behave. I haven’t had the best luck with men.”

“But you’ve had excellent luck with demons.”

She laughed softly. “That is very true. But I didn’t know that then. Then that asshole called, with his bad attitude. I thought, what a silly, entitled little twat, always thinking somebody owed him something, but that he didn’t have to do a damn thing to earn it – and I knew.”

“Knew what?”

“I knew you special. You would never treat me like that. I didn’t know much – still don’t really – but I knew that as well as I knew my own name. I made up my mind right then and there to tell him to fuck off, forever, whether you and I lasted or not. And when he – who hadn’t called in months – tried to set up a fuck date, I laughed in his face. I told him, I wouldn’t dream of it, in my best posh voice. Then I asked him to pretty please, with sugar on top, I bloody beg of you, never call my fucking phone again and grow the hell up.

“I was not about to let that loser make me hate men, or feel like I couldn’t trust them, that they were all bad. I knew, without even really knowing you, that whatever happened between us would be worth it. Whether you hurt me, or loved me. It would be worth it.”

She’d been stroking him as she spoke, the back of his head, his neck, his shoulders, his back, his arms, the veins on the back of his hands. And now she lifted his head from her chest and gently kissed his lips.

“And you are.”


She laughed again, a happy, joyous sound that had his heart expanding inside his chest. “Oh, yes, my love. You, my lovely green demon, are a dream come true. I couldn’t have written a better hero, and I’m a damn good writer.

“I remember, you walked into the room right after I hung up with him, told me you’d just done something or other that needed doing. I looked at you, and I thought, what the fucking hell could have possessed me to give that waste of skin the time of day? Had I been that desperate? That lonely? That misguided? Taken my belief that no one is all bad or all good so far to the extreme that I’d let my better judgement go completely sideways? How could I have even lain with that person? It was only once, by the way, but what was the purpose? It wasn’t even that much fun. Sure we had chemistry, when we had sex I had an –”

A long green finger stopped that next word on her lips, and she kissed it in apology.

“What I meant is, it made no sense. Looking back at it felt like I was looking at another woman’s life. A woman I didn’t trust or even like. She seemed confused, weak and rather pathetic, honestly. You on the other hand, made me feel more good in the few days I’d known you than he had in months. You made me feel hopeful, happy and at peace.

“You were funny and sweet and generous and kind. At first I didn’t believe a bit of it. I was sure you were faking it all, that it was an elaborate ruse that would unravel in short order and reveal you to be no different or better than any other loser with a penis. But I couldn’t hold on to that. It kept slipping away, lost in the lovely reality of who you are.

“When I got out of my own way, there was no confusion, no angst, no wondering, no bullshit. You were, are, have always been, completely honest, completely above board. I remember you looking at me, all quizzical like, because I hadn’t heard a bloody word you’d said, and you were obviously waiting for some sort of answer from me. And I knew.

“I didn’t know it would be this intense. I didn’t know it would cross dimensions and species and bloody intergalactic time zones, but I knew. I knew I could never again settle for any half ass bullshit. Not when there were men like you walking around.”

She tugged gently on his ear. She’d discovered his ears were an erogenous zone quite by accident, and she used it sparingly, but now she savored the way his big body shuddered. She wanted to give him everything and pleasure was at the top of the list. He seemed to know it; his mouth fell on hers for a quick, lush kiss.

“More,” he demanded.

She shrugged, grinning when he reached up to pull her hands away from his ears. “Unlike that loser, you couldn’t be a shit if you wanted to. You’re too good. I thank God every day that you’ve come into my life. I am truly lucky, Lucky,” she teased, kissing one big eye and then the other. “I adore you, and it feels good to tell you so. And that’s really something.”

He kissed her gently in thanks, then turned to his back and pulled her on top, wrapping both arms and legs around her and squeezing her until she squeaked out a laugh and thumped his arms.

“I’m sorry that you were ever hurt, my Lou.”

“I’m not,” she said promptly. “Every asshole, every lie, every wound inflicted brought me closer to you. All of it, every horrible fucking thing made me appreciate you that much more. You, my love, are a lifetime reward for good and bad behavior.”

She poured every ounce of heart and soul and love she felt for him into that next kiss, every bit of love she wanted to feel for him forever, and felt the heat rise between them immediately.

He rolled on top of her again, nuzzling her neck, and rocking his hips slightly as he got comfortable between her legs. He caged her face between his big hands and returned her kisses lavishly, until she was straining and arching, her hands grabbing fitfully at his back and ass and everything else she could reach.

“I want you to know I heard every word you said,” he whispered against her lips, as the tip of his cock breached her damp heat. “And I appreciate them all. I love you too, my Lou, and I am honored to know that you measure others against the standard of care that I have set for you. But you’ve got to know that even the thought of another man with you makes me crazy. Whether you care for him or not, I cannot allow you to make me feel like this.”

“Uh, oh,” she whispered heart rate accelerating even as her eyes began to sparkle with anticipation.

He nodded. “I’m going to fuck you hard and long and good until every thought of every man who came before vanishes. If, when I’m done, more than a whisper of memory for any one of those other males remains in your mind, well.” He slid in the rest of the way, a long, fabulously slick glide that ended with a gentle tap against her cervix. “I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

“What will you do?” she breathed, excited, already arching beneath his quickening thrusts. “Beat me? Feed me to a yanth? Toss me into a claustrophobic field of sickness sucking flowers until I’m clear of all male taint?”

“You don’t want to find out,” he whispered, surging more forcefully inside her as he clamped her hands on either side of her head and used his legs to pin her in place while his hips worked.

She laughed then, a tangle of choppy breaths and delighted moans as he pounded her gently into the ground. She’d asked him once while they were still on earth if they had any sexual differences, demons and humans, any tricks he might want her to play, for instance?

He just laughed and shook his head as he picked her up and carried her out to the hammock he’d set up in the yard. Once they were aloft and he’d begun that drugging petting he liked to do as a prelude to their afternoon nap, he told her that Natoroi demons were not kinky as a rule. Good hard fucking was what they liked best, and a lot of it, but he was happy to try whatever she liked.

Already half asleep, Lou assured him he was fine just as he was. When you had a natural skill and an unreasonably keen sense of intuition, not to mention a seemingly endless desire for your partner, who needed kinky? It was almost an insult to the sensation rich loving he habitually put on her.

“But I take it that means you don’t consider spanking kinky?”

“Spanking?” He asked, interested.

“You have slapped me on the ass on several occasions.”

“That is not spanking. It’s a love tap. What you do to keep a cub in line.” He nuzzle her neck and settled her ever more comfortably atop his broad chest. “Or to increase the pleasure while making love to one’s slightly kinky female.”

Lou laughed softly, thinking, wasn’t he clever? before she fell asleep.


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