Snippet: When the loving is good, just lay back and enjoy a nice, hard ride.

The wonderful thing about writing romance novels is that I can create the perfect, imperfect man. One who loves unreservedly, unashamedly, who has the heroine’s best interests at heart. These fictional men are eager to love, to enrapture, to express their passion for life and sex and everything else there might be to enjoy about one special woman. Lado is no exception. Enjoy this unedited snippet – a sex scene, of course. I know what y’all like…

“Your hand gestures when you’re tossing things over the side of the bed are quite charming.”

He grinned, stealing her breath with a kiss as he shaped her warm flesh, slowly tracing her small breasts, lean hips, the slight cheeks of her ass, which he squeezed. “Thank you. Let me show you what else I can do with my hands.”

In truth Lado used his entire body to seduce her. The obvious bits were stunning; the broad chest that rubbed her nipples and pressed the breath from her lungs, and the narrow hips that twisted gently to nudge his cock effortlessly into just the right place again and again and again. Even the hair on his legs seemed to have an intimate relationship with her skin, teasing and rasping enough to raise shivers.

He pushed forward and groaned when he met that first bit of resistance. “You are so tight, my God. I just fucked the hell out of you a few hours ago, and you’ve already closed up tighter than a fist. It’s a travesty that you haven’t been making love. But I sure am glad since it made you feel like this for me.”

“Selfish,” she whispered, arching when that first long thrust pushed her up the bed.

“Yes, Sophie mine. I’m selfish. Extremely so. Best you accept that now and make it up in your mind to give me what I want.” He captured both wrists in one big fist and held her arms above her head.



She shook her head. “Not unless I get what I want too.”

He grinned, laughing softly. “Are you in the right position to negotiate, though?”

“I better be. Otherwise, the Chicago Teacher’s Union won’t have shit on me, I’ll be that stubborn and intractable.”

He released her hands, releasing a harsh breath when she buried both hands in his thick hair and yanked hard. She kept tugging until their faces were even.

“You’re too bossy, Lado,” she said, and kissed him hard with their eyes wide open.

When she woke in the morning he was gone. She grinned when she saw the note he’d left behind on the pillow.

            I’ve slept in your bed, in your arms, in your body. Milestone no. 3-5. I’ll see you at lunch!

She was waiting when he called. “Hello?”

“Sophie, darling.”


“How are you?”

Wanting to kick myself for missing you popping up this morning like a dandelion in the lawn. And wanting to beg you to come over and fuck me until I cry. “Good, you?”

“Great, love. I can’t wait to see you later. I’ll meet you at the Peninsula at 11:30, okay?”

“Okay, but I thought I was meeting with one of the female attorneys.”

“You are. I won’t interfere.”

Right, and there’s an underwater submarine perfect for the Chicago River that I’d like to sell you. “Then why are you coming?”

He sighed loudly, purposefully she was sure. “Is it inconceivable that I might want to see you?”

“For what?”

He burst out laughing. “Okay, you got me. I don’t want to see you, I just want to eat lunch away from my desk. Okay?”




She refused to dither over what to wear. She didn’t have many clothes, and this was work. She picked out a black dress that wasn’t too shabby, added black sandals and put her hair into a ponytail knot high on her head. Feeling the need for a bit of extra posh she put her mothers’ pearls in her ears and around her neck. A slick of shiny red gloss for her lips, and she was done.

Lado was already there when she arrived, working on his laptop. He rose when he saw her, grinning like she was bringing him a gold brick. She tried – and failed – to ignore the pleasure spreading beneath her sternum; it was nice to be wanted.

“Hullo,” he kissed her on both cheeks.

“Hi.” She waited to see if he’d embarrass her. But aside from a rather hot look and his hands lingering on her shoulders after he kissed her hello, he was good. Something loosened in her belly. He didn’t feel the need to put his stamp on her in public, it seemed. There was no insecurity. No need to front before strangers.

My ex has really fucked me up, she realized suddenly…


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