Snippet: They could have treated you like you have a tail, but certain men never want to let you go.

The Siege of Sophie Sherrod Story contemporary erotic romance BWWM interracialWarning: Language may be offensive.

You know the type. The ones who think they can hurt you with impunity. Then, when you kick ’em out they wait a while for things to cool off, then try to ease back in.

But when that last time finally comes, and there are no more do overs left, they turn ugly. Somehow they just can’t believe you’re no longer their fool for love, and bad shit happens.

Check out this scene from my latest The Siege of Sophie

“That’s far enough.”

He grimaced. “I’m sorry about last time, Sophie.” He gestured vaguely to her face. “I regret it. Are you alright?”

“Like you fucking care. Why do you keep coming back here? I told you to stay away from me.”

“Baby, please forgive me. I’ve felt horrible every minute since it happened. It was an accident. You know I didn’t mean it. I’ve never hit you before.”

No, he hadn’t. And if she had her way, he’d never get close enough to do it again. “Whatever. Just say whatever bullshit you came to say, and then get out. And make this the last time you ever come to my door. In case that’s not clear enough, you are unwelcome and not invited, ever. Don’t make me call the man and file some papers.”

She saw his jaw tighten, but he managed not to spew the curses she could literally see building up in his chest.

“When did you start living with someone? I saw that white man leave here this morning. I’d never have taken you for –”

“Who I’m with is none of your fuckin’ business,” she interrupted. “Now what do you want?”

He glared, he’d never liked her ‘habit of talking down to me.’ “Sophie, I need to talk to you seriously now,” he pleaded, suddenly turning on the charm. “I need your help.”

She snorted. “Sorry. I’m not in a helping mood. Is that all?”

“How can you be so cold? You not even gon’ listen? All we meant to each other, and you can’t even ask me what’s wrong?”

“All we meant to each other?” she repeated. “Nigga, are you crazy? I didn’t mean shit to you except a conveniently open wallet and the occasional blow job. We hadn’t had a real relationship in years, and now that I know who you really are even that is up for serious debate. My mother died. A week later you were adding your car payment to the stack of bills I was writing, and looking at me like I was a motherfuckin’ fool when I questioned you about it.

“It must have galled the shit out of you when that little trick didn’t work anymore,” she snorted. “Jesus, what a fucking idiot I was! I looked back over my bills and realized you’d been doing that shit for over a year! And not just the car payment. I paid for every fucking thing,” she spat. “Our trips to the movies, to dinner, to the theater. I don’t know what the fuck you spent money on to tell you the truth. When we stopped for gas you’d send me inside to pay, never offer your credit card, and then had the brass ass nerve to ask me to bring you a drink!

“All we meant to each other,” she spat. “You really think everyone is a motherfuckin’ fool. Where were you when things started to go bad for me, huh? No fucking where. You didn’t wanna know. You certainly never asked. But then again, when did you give a shit about anything concerning me, huh? Except of course, was I about to pay bills so you could slide your shit onto the pile.

“I told you before, Robert, but I’ma tell one more time, ‘cuz you continuing to come back here would suggest that you don’t understand. If you didn’t get a big enough bite before, you are shit out of luck. This kitchen is closed. The wallet is empty, and even if I had it, I’ve given you more than enough. I’m not giving you shit else.”

As she ranted his pleading for understand look vanished like a puff of smoke. If Patty hadn’t been nearby, the look on his face would have sent her running like a gazelle from a lion. But Sophie was no fool. When faced with a predator, it’s standard practice to show absolutely no fear. So, she sneered in the face of his hate, and found it easy; she hated him too.

“Yeah. I wondered how fast that bullshit act would last. You ready to go yet? ‘Cuz I got work to do.”

“So much for your writer’s block,” he mocked. “And now you got that rich honkey on your tit, I bet your money problems are gone too.”

“How you figure, Robert? Did I make you pay for pussy? Matter of fact, as it turns out, I paid yo’ ass not to take it. So I know you’re not about to fix your fuckin’ mouth to suggest that I ask my friend for money to give you.”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying,” he said, softly, slowly moving closer.

Fool her once, Sophie took a step away for every one he took closer. She wasn’t about to let him get within striking distance.

“I told you to stay away from me, mother fucker.”

He ignored her. “I need money, and you’re gonna get for me.”

Sophie just shook her head. “You are one crazy ass bitch.”

Robert shook his head. “You need to watch your mouth. You know better than to talk to a man like that. You can squawk all you want, but you are gonna get me my money, and fast.”

The Siege of Sophie Sherrod Story contemporary erotic romance BWWM interracial


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