Rain On This Parade @Usher #Usher #classic

Luuuv playful Usher. This man does innuendo sooo well, and that signature vibrato tells us our boy is in fabulous voice. s/o to black jackets with vents in the back and black mesh one pieces. Big s/o to ropes of jewels around beautiful black necks, freckles, falsetto and fly short hair cuts. And bigger s/o … Continue reading Rain On This Parade @Usher #Usher #classic

Robert Pattinson Is Kinda Hot in @Dior Homme #DiorRob

I never would have attached the adjective hot to Robert Pattinson, though he kinda is in the Twilight movies. But in this official director’s cut video for Dior Homme’s new fragrance, he just… was.┬áThe commercial is beautiful. He’s the perfect hero: smart, stylish, strong, sexy – check out the extended scenes here… I also watched … Continue reading Robert Pattinson Is Kinda Hot in @Dior Homme #DiorRob